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Japan Jump

There are many success stories after disasters, but the story of Japan is different, and the Japanese people are also different. This people made success after success in a unique strange way, as he was able to build himself after being thrown at him by two nuclear bombs that were able to erase two whole cities including people during World War II. For this reason, Japan’s suffering is not the same.

Many seek to know the secret behind all this progress that the people are experiencing in this country, and it is a development and progress that did not come until after a very great insistence on progress, development, and reaching the summit, and the resurgence of all the crises that this people previously suffered from. It can be said that the secret of development in Japan is concern for the human being in all stages of his life, for the human wealth in this country is the undisputed basis for the renaissance.

How Japan has evolved

  • Schools in Japan are exceptional, where teachers deal with students with great respect, so the student feels the value when entering school, and the amount of values ​​that are taught to students in a practical application exceeds hundreds of times that students learn in other societies (specifically Arabic), as education in Japan is based on Practical application, not to texts of all kinds, as for Arabs.
  • Reading everywhere and anytime is the Japanese motto, and investing in this field is considered a priority for the Japanese people. If we look at this people in depth, we will find that although it is very developed, and although Japan is considered one of the first countries in the world, this people does not He still preserves his heritage and authenticity without the slightest inconsistency, and we can somewhat see a reflection of this matter on the nature of the culture that the Japanese people receive. If we look at their books that are printed and distributed to them, we will find that there is a very wide spread of Japanese books that contain Japanese concepts and values In addition, Z that other books are printed also the original language of the country, and this strengthened their association with their heritage, as well as the expansion of their horizons because of continuous reading.
  • Health in Japan is of the highest priority, and this is evident from the nature of the food that this people eats and is considered a healthy food par excellence, apart from the continuous health care of the Japanese person, which makes him able to produce and move continuously.
  • The main feature of the Japanese people is that it is a people that appreciates time. Delaying appointments is unknown to the Japanese, and this characteristic is learned from an early age, and from here we return to the way the new generation is raised, which is completely different from the way that others are educated.

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