Jamaâ El Fna Square

It is a region found in Morocco, specifically in Marrakesh, and it is a popular region frequented by many tourists for the purpose of viewing and entertainment, and this region is the meeting point between the city and the Kasbah, the navigator and the storehouse, and there are many distinguished performances such as the display of snakes, riddles, stories, music and circus shows.

The existence of this region dates back to the era of the founding of Marrakesh in the era of the Almoravid state in the fifth century, and the Jemaa El-Fna square was used by the kings to display the armies and their forces before moving to any battle or declaring independence, and it was called this name due to its proximity to the stone palace square that was discovered under the Jami The battalion was called art in the sense of destruction, and an old abandoned mosque was found in this region, and many artists went to this area and still mention them in it like the artist Bakishish and King Gulk and many others who worked on the prosperity of this region, and Moroccan culture is represented in this region, ba In addition to the reflection of the rich religious culture, there are also many cafes and restaurants in this region that offer the most famous Moroccan food, in addition to the presence of shops and public buildings, and many businesses are active, as it is a livelihood for many, as is the service of traditional medicine or herbal medicine, in addition to To read the horoscope, insight, tattoo, and henna, and there are many snake magicians who make daily shows for visitors and tourists using Berber music and many dance shows, as there are many hotels that receive tourists and visitors to the region and offer all For services to them, a huge screen was placed in the middle of Jemaa El-Fna Square to display some films and festivals such as international films such as the American movie directed by Michael Mann (enemies of the people) and the Indian movie Ram – at night, and many clubs’ World Cup matches are held, and this event is being prepared by all Residents greeted her with playing and evenings until morning.

The Jamaâ El Fna Square is considered one of the most admired arenas in the world and the Arab Maghreb, as it is frequented by people from all countries, and its godfather who worked on its fame and made it internationally recognized as an oral heritage is the Spanish writer Juan Goet Solo who lives near the square.
UNESCO officially gave this place the title of a cultural site in 2001, attracting nearly a million and a half people in 2006, and the Qena Mosque Square at night is frequent to spend beautiful nights and evenings, and enjoy the fireworks and shows that are held continuously.

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