Know the average travel prices to Turkey and the full costs of the trip, Turkey has changed dramatically in the last ten years, as it has become one of the tourist destinations that many accept, and it is no longer a cheap destination as it was before, as the prices in Turkey are very high, this Which may be a problem for travelers who have to set a specific budget for travel, so knowing the items that could cause high expenses in Turkey will be easy to control this matter, and today in our article we will put before you all the items that may be a reason for The budget doubled Being in Turkey, travel costs to Turkey and some tips that help reduce costs and more information on the Arab Travelers website.

Travel costs to Turkey:

  • For airline tickets:

There are some airline companies that are interested in providing local and international flights to and from different Turkish cities, these prices vary according to the travel season, so it is best to book airline tickets well in advance of travel, and the cheapest companies can be chosen, and to get airline tickets that are cheaper, reservation is required before an appointment Traveling a long time and comparing the prices offered by different airlines and the flexibility in determining the dates, there is no harm in the difference of a day or more as long as he will return to save some money and take advantage of any offers the company makes and use the prizes and points that some of the airlines provide to Customer.

  • As for residency:

So the stay prices in Turkey and the hotel prices depend on some factors, which is the hotel’s rating, which is the number of stars, the five-star hotel is higher than the four-star price, and so on, as well as the location factor. The Bosphorus Strait is more expensive than the rooms overlooking the city, as well as the tourist season controls the price.

  • As for mobility and transportation:

Turkey has a public transportation network that covers most of the cities there, and public transportation is the cheapest and most popular road there, but it is very congested, and there is a rental car available with the driver.

  • For personal expenses :

They differ from one person to another, and Turkey is characterized by the abundance of popular markets in it, which helps to provide various products at a relatively cheaper price, as the city contains large numbers of restaurants, including luxurious restaurants with very high prices, and there are medium local restaurants that offer the best and most delicious dishes at a reasonable price. Also, there are many simple popular restaurants with low prices.

  • Medical emergency:

It is important when traveling to Turkey to do a travel insurance contract before the trip to Turkey, and it is advised not to use it as long as the situation is simple, and in the event that you have to go to the hospital it is advised to go to public hospitals because its costs are low and the doctors there are very efficient.

Calculation of the estimated cost for two people during their trip in Turkey:

  • With regard to the prices of travel tickets, the average price in times other than the busy tourist seasons is around $ 400, which equals 1500 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the average hotels, the price per night in the hotel ranges between 100 to 150 dollars, equivalent to 375 to 560 Saudi riyals, in the event that the room was a double.
  • As for the food costs there, there is more than one option as there are high-end and medium restaurants and popular restaurants, it is estimated that the costs of daily food will be about $ 150, in the event that if eating food is high-end restaurants while in medium restaurants the cost is estimated at about $ 70, equivalent to about 260 Saudi riyals .
  • As for transportation, it varies according to the place of residence. The closer the place of residence to the site, it is possible to go on foot. As for the place of residence far from the tourist attractions and away from the city center, the average costs are estimated at about $ 20, while in the case of renting the car, the cost may reach 120 dollars.
  • As for the personal expense, it is possible to put an average amount of about $ 300 in the event of shopping from this expense.

General advice:

  • Avoid exchanging currencies in the home country or at the airport, because they can be inappropriate and somewhat high, and can be exchanged from any exchange offices located all over Turkey, where the service is provided without paying any additional fees.
  • It is advised to buy a local sim card, and to place it on the mobile phone in order to use it within the Turkish borders, because if you make local calls from the main line it will cost a lot of expenses.
  • Very useful to learn some Turkish words.
  • Avoid buying cigarettes from Turkey because they are not cheap.
  • Not to pay a tip for drivers of buses and taxis, as well as bars and restaurants in the event of a drink only, while in the case of a request for food, the tip is usually 10% of the value paid, this matter is dependent on the extent of customer satisfaction with the service, and it is advised to pay the tip once for hotel employees at the end Duration of stay.
  • Contacting the credit card bank before traveling to Turkey, as some banks charge fees for withdrawing money from the ATMs while they are outside the country.

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