Tourism in Arab Norway traveling with pictures, Norway possesses all the ingredients that made it one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, besides containing the wonderful landscapes, it is also full of historical and archeological places that attracted many tourists from different countries of the world, which made it a tourist front Many are keen to go to it in order to spend the most enjoyable times in it, and through the following lines on the Arab travelers we show Norway’s tourist map and its most important features.

Tourism in Norway, Arab travelers

Akershus Castle

The historic Akershus Castle near the Oslo Strait is one of the most important tourist attractions in Norway, it allows visitors to learn about the history of the country regarding its resistance to enemies and colonists, as the castle was an important fortress that protects the country from the attacks of invaders, and this castle was built in the 13th century And specifically in the last period of it, until it was transformed into a residence for royal residence in the state by King Christian IV.
Visitors to the castle can enjoy watching the historical monuments dating back hundreds of years found in the eastern section of the castle, in addition to learning about the places of execution of soldiers in World War II inside the trenches below the castle.
The large square of the castle witnesses many celebrations of official holidays and celebration of New Year’s Day, as well as national celebrations that are held annually.
Tourism in Norway, Arab travelers

Vigeland Park

The reason for the famousland Vikeland Park located in Frogner Park in Oslo is because it is one of the largest sculptural parks in the world, where the park includes nearly 200 statues, all sculpted by the sculptor Gustav Vigeland, who designed the entire park, and therefore his name was given to it.
The garden includes a wide pool of water that runs along its length surrounded by a number of sculptural statues, which gives it a wonderful appearance, as the garden includes a statue of Vigeland located at the entrance, and Vigeland has intentionally carved the statues to form the different ages from childhood to old age.
Another factor that made the garden a wonderful tourist place is that it contains a playground for children, in addition to the wonderful landscapes of green spaces and flowers scattered throughout the garden.
Vigeland Park

Natural History Museum

One of the most popular and popular tourist attractions in Norway is the Museum of Natural History within the University of Oslo. The Art Nouveau style was used in the design of the building, which houses the museum and is surrounded by many wonderful botanical gardens.
The Museum of Natural History includes the most important tourist facades in Oslo, which is the botanical garden that contains about 35 thousand plants of various types, and through that garden several series of animal groups are displayed, each of which symbolizes a different climatic nature.
Visitors can also learn about the aspects of wildlife in Norway through the Museum of Zoology located inside the Museum of Natural History, where various types of birds such as chimpanzees and penguins are displayed, through the international exhibition held in the Museum of Zoology.
Natural History Museum

Oslo City Hall

The Oslo City Hall is one of the most famous and important landmarks that attract cultural amateurs and watch the various artistic shows, where the house organizes about 300 cultural events throughout the year, and visitors can learn about the history of Norway through books and stories inside the building, and its walls inside also contain drawings and paintings Art narrates the most important historical events that passed on the state.
The interior of the building includes a large number of halls that are designed in a modern way to organize various art exhibitions. The house also allows visitors to enjoy watching the paintings of King Haakon VII and King Harald V, located on the second floor of the house.
The eastern surface of the building contains the largest bell in the world, the Carillon Bell, which rings every hour bearing the emblem of the capital, Oslo, and is one of the most important symbols of the Norwegian heritage.
House visit times: Every weekday from nine in the morning until six in the evening.
Admission is free to all.
Oslo City Hall

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