The cost of tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is a relatively cheap and distinctive tourist country in Europe, which includes many cities, castles and mountains that are worth a visit, and the average daily amount needed to stay in Ukraine is 27 dollars, and the couple will need $ 191 to spend a whole week in Ukraine, and the food price for one day is 6.48 For hotels, the average cost of a couple staying in a hotel in Ukraine is 35 dollars, and if the tourist wants to save money, it is better not to stay in the capital Kiev and head to the Ukrainian countryside, and with regard to transportation, it is easy to move within the state, and the train and bus are Means most used in Ukraine, and when using transportation, the tourist must keep his passport because the police may interrogate him several times.

Tourist attractions in Ukraine

Among the most important tourist attractions in Ukraine are the following:

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral: This cathedral, dating back to 1037 CE or 1011 CE, is located in Kiev, and is a monument of Kievan Rus’, and it is the first Ukrainian site to be registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Khotin Fort: This fort is located on the right bank of the Dniester River, and it was built in 1325 AD with the aim of defense, and is currently the main tourist landmark in the country.
  • The city of Hersonissos Taurica: It is located on the coast of the northern Black Sea, and was established by the Greeks in the fifth century BC.

Ukraine website

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, in the southwestern part of the Russian Plain, bordered to the north by Belarus, to the south by the Azov Sea and the Black Sea, to the southwest by Moldova and Romenia, and to the southeast by the Kerch Strait that connects the Azov Sea to the Black Sea and separates it from Russia, and as It is bordered to the east by Russia, to the west by Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and Ukraine is the second largest country on the continent after Russia.

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