Saudi Airlines is keen to receive its guests in an atmosphere of rest and relaxation, as Saudi Airlines is one of the best international companies, as it is famous for the generosity of its generosity, and by providing distinguished services since it was established in 1945 until today, and its aircraft allow the transport of more than 25 million passengers In one year, it crossed about 53 international destinations and about 26 domestic destinations, and the main base of Saudi Airlines is located at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.
The Saudi Aviation is considered the third place in the Middle East level, as flying in Saudi Arabia manages its international and domestic flights to more than 120 different destinations in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, where international or domestic flights are operated mostly during the days of Ramadan and during the Hajj season, and now It has become easy to book with Saudi Arabian Airlines online with ease.

Complete all online travel procedures

Saudi Arabian Airlines allows travelers with electronic tickets the opportunity to complete all travel procedures within 24 hours up to three hours, from the moment of departure for the flight, whether international or domestic online.

First, the travel baggage policy

  • Economy class passengers are permitted to carry a carry bag of up to 25 passengers.
  • For both First and Business Class passengers, two bags of maximum weight of 25 kg each are available.
  • Economy class travelers are only able to carry a 7 kilogram handbag.
  • Available for business and first class travelers with a maximum bag weight of 9 kg.
  • Economy class hospitality for the United States or Canada is available with two bags of 25 kg each.
  • For travelers on economy class (Economy Class), any of the international destinations are excluded, except for America and Canada, with two bags weighing 23 kg each, or one bag of luggage weighing 32 kg.
  • It is forbidden to carry baggage that exceeds the specified weight. In this case, a fine of about 100 kilos will be imposed on each kilo.

How to book Saudi Airlines

It is very easy to book travel tickets on Saudi Airlines over the Internet, only by following these steps.

  • First, choose the city that will be the place of departure on Saudi Airlines, by writing only three letters, and a list of available airports will appear.
  • Second, defining the destination of travel on Saudi Arabian Airlines, by writing in both the name of the city and the name of the airport.
  • Third, choose the date you want to travel.
  • Fourth, choosing the class of travel.
  • Fifth, click on the search button, and the best travel deals will be received on Saudi Arabian Airlines.
  • Sixth, choosing the trip by using technical filters that are powerful to fit the time and the number of favorite stops, and choosing the right trip.
  • Seventh, enter all the passport data and enter all the important information for the trip.
  • Eighth: Accept all conditions and all provisions related to the trip.
  • Ninth and finally, to make online payments through any of the credit cards.

Thus, the booking process on Saudi Airlines has ended.

Tips for purchasing discounted tickets while booking for Saudi Airlines:

  • See all prices for economy class because they are relatively less.
  • It is possible to compare permanently between a number of different airlines, in terms of the ticket price for the same flight and at the same time.
  • Make the reservation process in sufficient time to avoid the high prices that coincide with the approaching date of travel.

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