Saher System is one of the systems developed by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to provide all safety and security standards for citizens, as Saher System is one of the electronic systems that monitor all cars that violate the rules set for them in the traffic system, and when Monitors those violations. Car owners are required to enter the website to know the value of these violations, and all traffic violation details can be identified online quickly and easily, and this is what we will learn about together.

How to know the location of the violations from Saher system:

Traffic violation from Saher system is recognized by sending a message on your (mobile) phone number by the Traffic Department, and this message includes the number of the violation that was monitored by Saher system cameras, which are present in many roads and streets in all The cities of the Kingdom, and through this message that includes the number of the violation, a person can inquire electronically about the traffic violation and its full details where he can know the time of monitoring this violation, as well as the place where it was detected, as well as its financial value, and everything related to that traffic violation.

How to know the violation number from the phone:

In the event that the person did not know the number of the violation that was detected on the car, then in that case he inquires on the number of the violation, so that he can know the location of the violation and its details electronically, and that is by calling 989, and a choice is made The Arabic language is through one number, and the steps are followed automatically, and one number is pressed to request the violation number, and it is sent via SMS after that.

Steps to inquire about Saher’s violations electronically:

  • Access to the website of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through the ministry’s website, you can find out about the violations, and the website link is
  • After that, a choice is made on the traffic queries, and we will find this choice in the section of the site.
  • After that a new menu will appear, and through it we will find the choice of traffic, and click on it
  • A new list related to everything related to traffic will appear, and we will find in this list a choice to inquire about the traffic violation details.
  • After clicking on the option for details of the violation, you will be logged onto another page, which has some fields.
  • Fill out these fields in order to complete the procedures for knowing the details of the traffic violation, and these fields are three cells related to the identity number of the person in question or the residence number of non-citizens from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the second field requires entering the violation number, which was sent to the inquirer via mobile phone Its own, as for the third field, it requires entering the visual code, which is some letters or numbers, which are located above the box in a small box.
  • After completing filling the boxes correctly, the inquirer should click on the option below the boxes, which is the word Display.
  • After clicking on the display option, all details of the traffic violation will be displayed through the new window that will appear.
  • The new window includes the details of the traffic violation in terms of the place where it was detected, and a map is also attached to that place, as well as the time when that violation occurred, and the date of its monitoring by Saher System, and everything related to the violation in addition to the value of the physical violation that is required to be paid from Before the inquirer.

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