The Jewels Mall Istanbul or as it is known as the Mall of Arabia, due to the large number of Arab tourists flocking to it, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul for amateurs shopping and entertainment together. Cinemas with the latest technology.

Many visitors to Istanbul ask how to get from Taksim to Cevahir Mall. Or access to the Jewels Mall from Sultan Ahmed? Next, we will be with you and answer these questions.

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Jewels Mall from Taksim

Access to Jawaher Mall from Taksim

The mall is located in Sisli, and the distance from Taksim to Jewels Mall is 3.7 km. If you use the taxi or car transportation method, you will arrive within 12 minutes, and the timing varies depending on the crowding.

But if you prefer to ride public transportation in Istanbul, you must first walk only three minutes and then head to Taksim Station and take a bus in the name of DT2 and then go down at Şişli Merkez station and walk for one minute to reach Jawaher Mall, if you use this method you will arrive at Within 7 minutes.

Alternatively, you can take another M2 bus from Taksim stop and get off at şişli station and walk for one minute to reach Jawaher Mall. If you use this method, you will arrive in 10 minutes.

Access to Jawaher Mall from Sultan Ahmed

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is 12.1 km from Sultanahmet and in case you want to move through the use of internal buses, you have to walk 4 minutes to reach Sultanahmet Station

Then take the tram in the name of T1 and get off at Laleli-Üniversite station, then walk 4 minutes to reach the Vezneciler stop, ride the M2 bus to reach Şişli station, then walk for one minute to reach Jawaher Mall, you will arrive by using this road within 30 minutes.

Either if you want to go by car or taxi, you will arrive within 17 minutes, and the timing varies depending on the hours of congestion.

Now that we know the distance of Cevahir Mall from Taksim and Sultan Ahmed, you can read the following article to know the best things to do in Cevahir Mall Istanbul .. Read more

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