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Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world, with a height of 828 meters, and it consists of 160 floors. This tower, which was opened in 2010, has strengthened the tourist center of Dubai, as its design attracts and attracts many designers and architects for the greatness and accuracy of design, it is a multi-use building It contains luxury hotels, apartments and corporate offices.

Dubai Desert

You can try a desert adventure in a Dubai safari for 5 hours in a 4×4 4×4 on hot sand, go camping and sip Arabic coffee and dates, enjoy camel rides and see the art of sand painting, watch traditional Emirati dance shows and finish with a barbecue dinner lit in the camp, All of these things attract the attention of tourists and encourage spending time in them.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is considered one of the most well-known beaches in Dubai, and it is used by visitors from all over the world to take pictures from the Burj Al Arab Hotel, as it is one of the highest and most luxurious hotels in the world with a height of 321 m. It is also possible to stroll through the narrow corridors in the old squares and traditional houses built of clay bricks. The old, and the hotels and resorts around it are another attraction, and the most famous of them is the Jumeirah Resort, and it has many wonderful restaurants overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Dubai Museum

This museum is located inside Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest building in Dubai from the eighteenth century, and you can then walk in the spice market to discover scented spices, herbs, and nuts, then finish the market as a maze in the gold market, and see the stores of gold, silver and jewelry.

Atlantis Dubai

It is a manmade island located in Dubai in the middle of Jumeirah Island, which is a huge hotel, opened in 2008, and it contains about 1.539 guest rooms. The hotel rooms are also distinctive design, as they express the legendary approach to the story of Atlantis, which is The fictional island that was written by Plato, and a firework display of about 3.1 miles in length was launched at the official opening, in addition to showing various pictures on the outside of the hotel, and it is indicated that tourists can visit the Aquaventure Water Park on the site, and the Nasimi Beach that hosts the parties Musical and other effective S entertainment.

Dubai Flower Garden

It is a unique garden that includes more than 45 million types of flowers with an area of ​​72,000 square meters, located in the south of Al Barsha, and it displays a wide range of different flowers arranged in different forms, such as: hearts, stars, pyramids, and flower patterns change according to the seasons, so It is a different experience for every visit.

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