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1- Pistachio giant in New Mexico

Fixed in front of a pistachio farm, which is very huge, 30 feet in length, located on the road between Alamogordo in New Mexico and Tolarosa.

2- California thermometer

It is located along Highway 15 in the Mojave Desert of southern California, and is the world’s longest thermometer with a length of 134 feet, and weighs 7 tons.

3- The giant egg in the Netherlands

More than 19 feet long, it is located in front of the Hit Guy Van Burnfield restaurant in the Dutch village of Torschur.

4- Water tower in New Jersey

It is located on New Jersey Highway 82 in “Garden State Parkway”, and is the world’s tallest water tower with 250,000 gallons of well water, and was built in 1964 at a cost of $ 10,000.

5- The Seattle cowboy hat

One of the most important exotic tourist attractions in American Seattle, which is 22 feet high, and was built in 1954 at a gas station before it was moved to its new location in 2003.

6- Statue of the Great Buffalo in North Dakota

When you travel to Jamestown, North Dakota, you will see a 46-foot tall buffalo statue weighing 60 tons. It is located on Interstate 94, and was built in 2010 and called the “Dakota Thunder”.

7- The largest shoe in the world in Australia

Made of fiberglass, it is the largest shoe in the world and is located in the Australian county of New South Wales, and weighs 600 kg.

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