The statues represent the civilization of the countries, and we show their ancient craftsmanship in the manufacture of those statues that were able to resist erosion factors over the years and have remained in the same way that they were made from ancient times.

In this article we will talk about a type of statue called the Moai statues found in the islands of Polynesia.
Moai statues
These statues, known as the Moai statues, were made of basalt stone and are now found on the island of Resurrection in the city of Polynesia. These statues were made in 1250 and the statues reached between 2 CE and 9 CE.

These statues weigh between 14 tons to 80 tons, and head and neck statues appear, hand and greed, and on the back of these statues there is a group of inscriptions that may symbolize one of the ancient languages, and these statues were symbolic of political and religious power in ancient times, and you are of course Worshiped from the people of that time who made it like all the statues that were made at that time.
Archaeologists believe that these statues belong to the ancient Polynesian scientists, and these statues at first did not appear from them except a face, but after they excavated the scholars around them they found that they had trapped it underground because it had fallen under the weather due to the passage of time.

These statues are still confusing scientists to this day and no one has yet known the translation of these inscriptions that are on the back of these statues and no one has explained what is this strange language for the inhabitants of that island.
Myths about moai statues
There are many myths known about these statues, including that they were made by means of a wiping stone and some wooden tools in order to be shipped through a magical spiritual substance, and these statues believed that they were guarding the people who lived inside the island so they were placed on the gates of the island.

There are seven statues facing the ocean and the role of these statues is to help travelers find that island whose statues stand at the front, and another legend says that there are seven men symbolized by these seven statues were standing on the edge of the island waiting for their king, has been removed about eleven statues Of them and they were transported all over the world.

Easter Island
It is an island that contains Maoist statues, which is a volcanic island formed by a triangle located in the Pacific Ocean, and that island is famous for having on its edges a group of statues called the Maoist statues, what includes that island hundreds of strange statues other than the Maoist statues.
Those statues were made of volcanic ash and until now he could not explain why all these statues are scattered all over the island and why all these statues were made.
There are some British research teams, followed by some French research teams who visited that island and confirmed that that island was inhabited by an unknown people and that was in the ancient Stone Age.

And these people are the ones who made these statues that were the size of a human being, and then after that they made the Moai statues that are located on the first island, and history shows that the carbon element was common on that island and eliminated all its inhabitants and remained when those statues that expressed the presence of humans on that island.
Many people who did not die of carbon traveled to different parts of the world and left the island empty. After a while, a group of residents came from France and lived on that island, and they are now the people who live on this island until now.

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