Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the famous tourist attractions in the whole world, and it is a tower made of steel, with a height of three hundred and forty-two meters, and the Eiffel Tower was created on the occasion of the international exhibition held in Paris in 1889 AD, where it was established by Gustave Eiffel and his assistant, and it was called the Eiffel Tower To him, it was called when it opened as the 300-meter tower, and the Eiffel Tower became a symbol of the French capital Paris, and the site of the first tourist attraction in it, as it is the most visited site in France, and it has a very impressive beauty, and enjoys a very high reputation among all the global tourist sites, Although there are many tourist sites Mission in Paris, but the Eiffel Tower, the most important.

The construction of the tower was initially opposed, for more than forty-one years was the highest elevation in the whole world, as this height was increased several times by installing a number of antennas so that the height of three hundred and twenty-seven meters, and was used for several purposes, including scientific experiments, It was also used for radio and television broadcasting purposes.

In which neighborhood is the Eiffel Tower located

The Eiffel Tower appears from most regions of Paris due to its high altitude, and the Eiffel Tower is located in the continent of Europe, specifically in France, in the capital Paris, specifically in the far northwest of the Champ de Mars park, that is, near the Seine River, and the tower was officially opened in the thirty-first From the month of March of the year 1889 AD, its façade was subjected to erosion at the beginning, and it is worth noting that the tower did not meet true success until after 1960, as the tower is open throughout the days of the tourist attraction, and receives millions of visitors from all over the world.

Create the Eiffel Tower

The tower was established during a year and a half approximately with the particiAl Bahahn of fifty engineers, and the design and construction work was undertaken by the architect Stephen Sofestry, and by the hands of about three hundred workers, and was added to the World Heritage in UNESCO in 1991, and it consists of 2.5 million nails, and weighs about ten tons Also, the tower consists of 18,038 pieces of iron, and its height is three floors above the ground, and there are seven elevators, and it is painted with three different grades of paint color, a dark degree found at the base, and the two colors are lighter in the middle and higher, and it is worth noting that the tower contains Several restaurants and cafes, and it works in this Many of the most famous chefs feeder in the world.

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