The Arsa market in Sharjah, or as it is called the “Heart of Sharjah”, is one of the tourist areas in which the United Arab Emirates is famous, and it has gained a wide reputation among the various tourist groups who are rushing to come to the Emirate of Sharjah because of this market of products that indicate civilization and Iraq, as this is considered The market is one of the markets that witnessed the civilization of this country, as it is the one that dates back to its construction date back to six thousand years, as well as it which enjoys the heritage and originality of the Emirati heritage, while referring to civilization and the original architectural style, so let us know this market, which has become the icon of the Emirati civilization And Ali watched Here through this article provided you Arab travelers, Follow us.

Al Arsa Market in Sharjah

  • This market was named after Al-Arsa, in relation to its proximity to the land of Arsat al-Sakhm, which is located in an area in the desert, and is located between the well-known pearl merchant named Wajih Ubaid ibn Issa al-Naboodah and the market that now comes to the name of Al-Arsa Market. It is worth noting that the word “Al-Arsa” It means every vast square located in the open between a large group of houses.
  • This market is distinguished by its ancient construction, which consists of large wooden doors, hanging lanterns, as well as coral stone, which was built with high walls in this market, which has become one of the architectural artifacts symbolizing the Emirati civilization.
  • Likewise, an old market had a yard for wholesale, as well as a method of trade-offs in buying and selling.
  • It includes about seventy stores that enjoy its diverse contents that vary between handcraft that reflects the Emirati heritage, artifacts made of wood, perfumes, medicinal herbs, incense, baskets made of fronds, souvenirs, jewelry, as well as souvenirs.

Information about the Arsa market in Sharjah

Let’s review some valuable information about this ancient market through the following lines:

  • This market has a different atmosphere, as it includes sweets stores, which are famous for the quality of their varieties, which vary between western and eastern sweets, as well as the market is famous for cafes that are distinguished for their distinguished service, where they provide coffee and tea Al-Sulaimani.
  • Al-Arsah Market owns many alleys called skis. It includes nine gates, while one of these gates has been built for shops that extend in a straight line, and they formed what is called the old market.
  • It is worth noting that the old market is the one that includes a large group of stores that number about 100 stores, as well as each of these stores has specialized in preparing and selling some products that relate to Emirati culture, including; selling incense and oud, spices and saffron, as well as Selling herbs and varieties of dates that are popular with tourists.
  • Likewise, we find that there are some distinct stores that have the historical character that carries the identity of the Emirates, while the popular Al-Arsah Café offers dishes of dessert to tourists, in addition to the different drinks that bear the traditional character, which is represented in tea and Arabic coffee of unique taste.
  • It is worth noting that this market is one of the markets in which deals are concluded between pearl merchants – as described by Sharjah Municipality – it is considered one of the places where people meet to enjoy playing dominoes and selling Omani daggers, antiques and valuable goods.

The Al-Arsah market in Sharjah is a charm that attracts many tourists with its luster and beauty that embodies the history of the Emirates, so let us have a date throughout this market to learn about what is hidden inside the unique heritage and civilization inside.

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