Download now the Traveler application to book flights from Google Play and Apple Store, and book flights to any place in the world with a package of the most famous airlines offered by the application where you can enjoy the various options of booking destinations and multiple hotels and levels, and in this article we address more details about the application Traveler, so follow us on the Arab traveler.

Traveler application for flight reservation

It is an application designed to meet the needs of travelers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, and is affiliated with the travel unit concerned with clients in the Sierra Travel and Tourism Group.
The company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, therefore it has helped greatly to know the needs of travelers in the Kingdom and provide them according to supply and demand.
The application also enables its user to book in more than a million and a half hotels around the world and flights to thousands of cities, in addition to offers and vacations.

Traveler application features

In addition to providing thousands of trips to thousands of destinations and hotel reservations, the Traveler application enables you to book on the basis of exploring famous landmarks, as well as choosing luxury or savings, as well as what suits the family and provides comfort.
You can also arrange bookings according to available rates where you can pay by several secure means that have been agreed with a select group of banks.
You can also activate the option to pay now or later with hotel reservations. Customer service is available in both Arabic and English 24 hours.

Traveler application download link

You can download the Traveler app at:

  • Google Play.
  • Apple Store.

You can also communicate and learn more details about the traveler through the official page of the traveler website.

This was the most important information about the electronic traveler application. Follow us on Arab travelers to receive all new, and long as you are in the safety of God.

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