Everyone’s search for ideal destinations for a special holiday, but finding perfect places that serve halal food is not easy. That is why Sky Scanner, the world’s leading travel search engine company, has unveiled its distinguished list of top destinations serving halal food, to make it easy for UAE travel enthusiasts to choose their ideal destination. The Sky Scanner menu includes a group of restaurants that offer the best halal dishes, similar to Emirates restaurants, to give its visitors a unique experience.

The best destinations serving halal dishes in the Maldives
There is no doubt that the Maldives is the perfect destination to enjoy the splendor of tropical beaches and charming natural views as well as being an ideal destination for Muslim tourists, as Islam is the official religion of the islanders, giving visitors a wide choice of restaurants and hotels that offer halal dishes consisting mainly of fish Fresh local and tuna fish are completely free from pork or alcohol derivatives, as well as they are prepared with great care according to specific conditions.

Here are some of the best halal hotels in the Maldives:
Pearl Sands of the Maldives
Ayada Maldives Hotel
Cocoon Maldives Hotel
Furvery Island Resort and Spa
Flights from the United Arab Emirates start from AED 1,032

The best destinations serving halal dishes in Jordan
Jordan hosts a group of the most famous tourist destinations around the world, such as Aqaba, Amman and Petra. The Amman name stands out thanks to its ancient and internationally renowned cuisine.
The ‘Two Nagla’ restaurant comes at the forefront of restaurants that serve halal foods in Jordan, where creative chef Nevin Karam draws its dishes from traditional recipes for her grandmother to offer to restaurant guests every day according to one or two main dishes of the most famous of authentic Jordanian cuisine along with a variety of appetizers , And especially the dish heated with chicken, sumac and onions, which is considered one of the most famous traditional Jordanian dishes.

The best resorts and hotels serving halal food in Jordan:
Kempinski Hotel Aqaba
Four Seasons Hotel Amman
Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp hotel in Wadi Musa, Petra
Direct flights from the United Arab Emirates start from AED 1,065

The best destinations serving halal dishes in Morocco
Morocco is an ideal destination for Muslims wishing to spend a special holiday and enjoy the delicious Halal food, as it hosts a group of ancient resorts and restaurants famous for their distinctive dishes and high standards of hospitality. Among the most important of these restaurants are the ‘House of Najat Kitchen’, Riyadh Omar, ‘Sixteen Cafe’, Henna Café, Al-Fassia Restaurant, ‘Azar’ and ‘Marrakech Corner’, as well as many food stalls in the Jamaâ El Fna Square.

The best resorts and accommodations serving halal food in Morocco:
Grand Majestic Sea View Hotel Tangier
Zahia Palace Hotel
Riad Dharma Hotel
Cocoon House
Flights from the United Arab Emirates start at AED 1,414

Top destinations serving halal dishes in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is known for its ancient cuisine and rich cuisine and fish curries. Sri Lankan restaurants blend traditional gastronomy with modern touches to offer a wide range of fresh ingredients and unique spices.
The Galle Face Green is the ideal destination for those looking to eat halal food, as it includes many food stalls that start in the evening.

Best accommodations:
Club Hotel Dolphin
Heritance Tea Factory
Turia Kalutara Hotel
Cinnamon Citadel Kandy
Flights from the United Arab Emirates start from AED 1,018

Top destinations serving halal food in Singapore
Singapore is one of the distinctive destinations for food and gourmets, as it offers a wide range of dishes, including halal food, in front of them, as it hosts a large number of halal restaurants such as ‘Tang Tea House’, ‘Zamzam’, ‘Hi Sushi’ and ‘Andes by Aston’. Maki-san, as well as many outlets selling dim-halal halal. It is worth noting that each hotel will assist its guests in finding the best local restaurants nearby.

Best Halal Serving Hotels in Singapore:
Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
Village Katong Hotel
Furama City Center
Swissotel The Stamford
Prices for direct flights from the United Arab Emirates start from AED 1,955

The best destinations serving halal dishes in Hong Kong
Hong Kong stands out as a distinctive vibrant tourist city and charming destinations to give its visitors an unforgettable experience, as it is characterized by the presence of many famous restaurants, offering delicious halal foods inspired by authentic local cuisine, led by the Cantin Islamic Center restaurant, which gives its guests an opportunity to taste the most delicious Dim Sum dishes And rolls of lotus leaves stuffed with chicken and steamed rice, as well as a host of other dishes. The city also includes many restaurants licensed by the Islamic Community Fund in Hong Kong, such as ‘YK’ restaurant located within the city’s local food market, which offers a Rice dishes are grilled Balbt.
Hong Kong also offers a wide range of accommodation options such as The Harbor Grand Hong Kong Hotel licensed to serve halal meals, and the Colonel Shangri-La Hotel, which has the Crescent standard, for serving halal dishes.

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