The “Snake Island” is famous for being one of the most dangerous areas in the world, due to its embrace of more than 4 thousand types of snake, which seems clear and clear when hearing its name! Despite its charming nature and breathtaking beauty, it is considered the most dangerous and most toxic around the world.

There is “Snake Island” 33 kilometers off the Brazilian coast near the state of Sao Paulo, but it has become a region that tourists are prohibited from entering due to its extreme risk!
But what if you wanted to visit it? is that impossible?

It is not impossible! Where the authorities sometimes grant exceptional licenses to enter the “Snake Island” for legitimate reasons, whether in the media or research field, provided that the authorities are qualified to deal with the danger there.

This island contains enormous numbers of poisonous snakes on its land, such as the golden snake, for example, which can infect humans by poisoning just by touching them! You will not imagine the size of this golden snake spread on the island, as it is present at a rate ranging from 3 to 5 snakes per square meter of place.

Like any strange and unknown places, there are many legends around this island, including that pirates buried a precious treasure in the place and that snakes were found there to protect and guard him.

Many studies attempted to explain the reason for the spread of snakes on the “Snake Island” with so much, and some concluded that the spread of these dangerous creatures in the place took place 11 thousand years ago, due to the rise in sea levels and their isolation of the island from the surrounding land areas.

What distinguishes snakes on the “Snake Island” as well, is that they have a toxic capacity of 5 times compared to snakes spread anywhere in the world, which makes them a primary target for companies specialized in the field of medical products that use toxins in their manufacture, in addition to the people who seek to obtain these Snakes and sell them for huge amounts of up to 30 thousand dollars per snake, which they sell to those who love to acquire strange things!

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