The italyn island of Ischia rested in the waters of the Gulf of Naples to hide among its trees the secrets of history, culture and beauty. It is considered one of the first colonies of Magna Grecia in the eighth century BC and it is one of the largest and most enjoyable islands in the Gulf.
It attracts tourists from all over the world who come to enjoy its thermal spas, manicured gardens, the picturesque castle of Argun and the fresh italyn air.
The islanders are fluent in German because they are filled with German tourists who love the hot springs and mud baths on the island, far from the rich port of Ischia with its rich hotels and elegant shops.

Its rugged coastline is characterized by a series of heads, bays, and beaches, where sea water mixes with hot water from the thermal mineral springs that flow a few meters from the coastline.

In the middle of the island, “Epomeo”, surrounded by monuments, cultural sites and scenic landscapes, the island can be easily reached by ferries, yachts and speed boats from Naples. Ischia covers an area of ​​47 square kilometers with about 37 kilometers of magnificent beaches, and the highest point on the island, the summit of Monte Epumio, is 789 meters above sea level.
Its six coastal cities are characterized by many fine sandy beaches, the most amazing of which is “Sant’Angelo” on the southern coast, while Laco Ameno and Forio are home to the most beautiful spas and nature parks.

Vineyards, beautiful chestnut farms and volcanic rocks separate the coasts and cities to paint a natural painting on the fiery horizon. It is also known as the “Green Island” for being rich with Mediterranean plants and pine trees that explode in the spring to fill the atmosphere with distinctive colors and fragrances.

The island is considered the “European therapeutic resort” where its mineral-rich waters are used to treat a large number of diseases that vary between skin problems, respiratory diseases and rheumatism. One of the most famous open-air resorts is the amazing “Poseidon Gardens” bath. The ancient city of Ischia focuses on the quiet history of the island, where you can visit the Aragonese Castle, the Sea Museum and the Antonis Library. The small town of Casamicciola houses a handcraft market and traditional ceramic and pottery shops.

The island has a pleasant atmosphere cooled by the calm sea breezes, so that the main tourist season extends from late June to late September, and its beaches are filled with italyn tourists in the middle of August, which coincides with the national holiday in the country. While it is intended for tourists to thermal baths in the low season which is the months of April, May, September and October, which may witness some rain, and many hotels, resorts and tourist facilities are closed during the winter season.

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