Prague is considered one of the best European destinations that attracted tourists for decades. This historic city gained its place in Europe after the outbreak of the velvet revolution in 1989, the medieval city celebrates the rich history, vast parks, romantic atmosphere and lots of interesting activities.
The history of the city of Prague dates back to about 870 and has withstood many historical and natural events, but this combination added a special character to the Czech capital. The city is distinguished by its large churches, narrow streets, majestic hills castle, and bridges over statues over the lush river, which was the inspiration for the Moldovan symphony, which is one of the most beautiful classical musical pieces of the nineteenth century.

Prague has progressed a lot in the fine art field that begins with collections of bohemian art such as magnificent Gothic statues in the Monastery of St Agnes, up to surreal art from the twentieth century. Beautiful and elaborate statues are scattered throughout all of the city’s public squares, and the painting complements the stunning architectural style that is decorated with raised Gothic columns, baroque accents, elegance of modern art and exquisite woodcuts.

The heart of the city hides a maze of cobbled paths, beautiful gardens, pleasant cafes and ancient taverns, takes you to the famous 500-meter-long Charles Bridge and is surrounded by a collection of Baroque statues that give a beautiful spark to the orange sunset scenes.

Prague historical castle dominates the bank of the river and its towers rise above the water and the palace overlooks a fairy tale. Within its walls there is a variety of historical buildings, museums and galleries that are home to many artistic and cultural treasures of the Czech Republic, and the pleasure lies with cruise trips that run towards the castle from the right bank of the river .
The National Museum maintains a rare collection of antiques and paintings dating back to the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The museum consists of four floors that shine with creative works such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Chile and Klimt. In contrast, the Old Town Hall was founded in 1338 and is considered the gateway to the medieval houses and monuments hidden under the ground, a beautiful and tall Gothic tower sits at the top of the hall with a wonderful astronomical clock, as it hosts many art galleries and includes some of the city’s historical sights.

Close to the majestic Prague Castle, the “Wallenstein” park includes the old mansion of the garden, a quiet Koi pond and some Baroque statues. It is also the home of the beautiful white peacock wandering vanity among the attractive gardens and picturesque fountains.

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