Entertainment guide at Star City Riyadh Theme Park, many entertainment places in Riyadh have diversified, which helps you to spend a pleasant time in the company of family or friends, and was also distinguished by various types of entertainment, including water entertainment, and entertainment by visiting interesting public places such as hiking, and finally the entertainment means that Relying on excitement and fun during her experience, Star City in Riyadh, Arab travelers describe the most important recreational activities in Star City.

Star City

Star City theme park is located on the eastern ring road to Riyadh from the ninth exit. It has an area of ​​nearly 20 thousand square meters, and contains a lot of different and varied large and exciting games, and also the presence of some important landmarks inside it, which is one of the largest theme parks In Riyadh, in terms of size and number of games, it is the favorite destination for many families, individuals and friends, to enjoy all its entertainment.

Sections of the City Star Amusement Park

Star City Theme Park is divided into three main and important sections, among them

  • Dream Trail

There are many advanced, modern and diversified games, which were built to compete with the largest entertainment cities in the world. They were placed on sufficient and wide areas so that you can enjoy them without fear, at high levels of safety, so that individuals enjoy spending an exciting time and longing in the amusement parks, including the hanging train game, The unknown trail, the huge famous scissors game, the fun world of the seas, the race of time, and also enjoy the game Monorail.
There is also in the eastern part of the dream trail devoted to the games area, the city of Kandy, which specializes in children’s toys, suitable for different ages, so that they can spend a fun and beautiful time inside, and at the end of the trail there is an adventure land and the wild valley river, through which you can enjoy a wonderful trip in One of the circular boats, the Formula Arabi race, which is suitable for adults and children, one of the most enjoyable experiences there, or the experience of riding a safari in jeeps, which is among the difficult but enjoyable trips at the same time.

  • Restaurants and shops

There are more than 15 restaurants that provide various types of delicious and delicious foods, in various types of international and local, and there are also restaurants to work different types of fast food, and also contains a large area dedicated to the shops that display the most important international brands.

  • Various recreational activities

There are a lot of modern and developed electronic and digital games that help you spend a fun time, and also contains a theater that can accommodate up to 500 people, through which you can watch the sweetest and most important theatrical and artistic performances of distinctive folk art teams, actors and entertainment shows as well as various activities, and is characterized by the presence Places for women and children to sit freely in.
There are also expeditions by riding the Star City train in Riyadh, which is distinguished by its bright and different colors, which will help you see the beautiful green places, palm trees, ponds and wonderful industrial waterfalls, and also helps you in reaching restaurants for different meals.
The city opens its doors from four o’clock in the afternoon, and until eleven o’clock in the evening, the price per person for adults who are more than ten years old is 79 Saudi riyals, and for children from three years to ten years is 39 Saudi riyals, and it is free for those less than three years old.

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