Recreational places in Jeddah, Jeddah is one of the most tourist and recreational cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the economic capital for it, and it is called the bride of the Red Sea because it contains many tourist and recreational places that help many of its residents or visit them to spend fun and beautiful times inside, Arab travelers display the most important places Recreation in Jeddah.

Entertainment places in Jeddah

  • Floating mosque

It is the first floating mosque, built on the surface of the sea and water rises around it, and it is one of the tourist attractions in Jeddah, and it is called the Mercy Mosque, which is of modern architectural style, as it includes a large group of advanced and modern equipment in sound systems and external and internal lighting for it, There is a high-altitude domes mosque, windows surrounding it from all sides, umbrellas and Qur’anic verses engraved inside it, its internal area is approximately 2400 square meters, it is visited by many tourists because of its distinguished location and also to perform prayer in it, because it accommodates a very large number of worshipers .

  • Historic country district

One of the most historical archaeological areas in Jeddah, where it contains a variety of squares and narrow streets, and there are a lot of ancient and modern architectural designs, and the most famous of them is the country area designed entirely of limestone, and during your wandering in the area you notice the presence of sculptures scattered throughout The doors and windows that are there, there are also local markets, in which used gold and silver are sold, and also the perfume market in which the finest and purest types of different spices and original oils are sold.

  • Bab Makkah

Among the most famous doors that were built in the past and is one of the eight gates of the wall of Jeddah, it is used in the past as a fortress for the city from enemies and conquerors, and there are observation towers around it that are still erected so far, they monitor any attack on the city from this side, there are now the most important local markets And the popularity that displays the costs of the various goods, some renovations have been updated in the door and still retains its old design, and the area surrounding it contains some archaeological sites, including the Shafi’i Mosque.

  • Fakieh Aquarium

Fakieh Aquarium contains a lot of large aquariums, which can accommodate the presence of many different types of small fish, including large ones, including seals, seahorses, and grouper, as well as sharks, which consist of 200 types of aquatic life, and there is a hall to display the dolphin The sea dog, a place for children’s games, and also a large hall dedicated to lovers of skates.

  • Sea divers divers

It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Jeddah because it contains fans of diving hobby, where there are a lot of different fish and variety in the Red Sea, and also a lot of different coral people with their colors and distinctive forms, it provides a full crew of divers for training on diving, you can also use a rental service A boat and diving tools, as it provides you with a vision of the sunken ship inside the sea and seeing the various types of fish as it passes through it, and it helps greatly to delve into a wonderful and distinctive experience that is unforgettable.

  • Sail Island

It is one of the distinctive recreational islands that you will enjoy a lot while you are inside it, and it directly overlooks the shore of the Red Sea, and is suitable for all members of the same family, where you enjoy spending time between hiking in the garden, swimming in the indoor pools, or enjoying the fresh air while you are taking a boat trip inside the sea Red, there are also water games that appeal to children a lot, restaurants that offer delicious types of food

  • Silver sand beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Jeddah, where diving is available to watch the aquatic life of various types and shapes, its beach is characterized by the pure white sand, which mixes with the pure blue sea water, and it is one of the picturesque landscapes that it is characterized by, and it is a suitable place for an atmosphere relaxing in nature and the sea together.

  • Nassif House

It is one of the well-known ancient historical sites inside Jeddah, dating back to 700 years. It was built to host King Abdulaziz Al Saud, founder of the Kingdom, and it is one of the rare and beautiful architectural designs that mix the past and the present.

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