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New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the countries located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, 2000 kilometers to the southeast of Australia, and New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga are the countries closest to the north. New Zealand is two islands: the North Island, the South Island, and a few small islands, most notably Stewart / Rakyora, the Chatham Islands, the Cook Islands, and New York, and the North and South Islands are separated by the Cook Strait, which is at its narrowest point 20 km.

The English language is the predominant language in New Zealand, as the majority of the population is of European origin, and the indigenous Maori constitute the largest minority, and New Zealand has been called (Aotearoa) in the Maori language, which means the land of the long white cloud. The New Zealand dollar is the official currency of the islands through which it deals with countries of the world.

Cook Islands

Cook Islands is one of the islands that is located in New Zealand; it is a group of islands located in the South Pacific in the middle of the distance between New Zealand and Hawaii, and it was a British protectorate in 1770 AD, but the administration of it moved to New Zealand in 1900 AD, then its residents chose the Union The heat with New Zealand in 1965 AD, and the first Monday of August is the day of the Constitution and National Day of the population.

Name and space

The Cook Islands is named after the explorer James Cook who discovered it. He discovered New Zealand and the East Coast of Australia,
An area of ​​240 square kilometers is estimated to be slightly smaller than Italy or Japan and slightly larger than the United Kingdom. Urawa is the country’s official capital, and English is the official language of the population.

the climate

The Cook Islands are affected by the tropical oceanic climate, as the commercial wind affects them. The dry season extends from April to November, while the Typhoon winds are affected from November to March, but the period between December and March is the most humid.

Politics and governance

The Cook Islands enjoy autonomy in the context of a free association with the New Zealand government, as the government is responsible for internal affairs and defense, while external relations are the prerogative of New Zealand, in cooperation and advice with the Cook Islands government.


The Cook Islands is considered one of the economically poor islands because of its location, isolated from foreign markets, and exposed to devastating natural disasters, as it is limited by natural resources, and there is no environment suitable for agriculture, as most agricultural exports are dried coconut pulp and lemon, and industrial activity is limited It also focuses on processing fruit, clothing and handicrafts.

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