Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is known as the largest island of the group of Dodecanese Islands in Greece, as it separates from Turkey with the Strait of Marmah. The island covers an area of ​​1.388 square kilometers across the northwest to the southeast of the hills that reach about 1,215 meters at the top of Atavirus, and this summit overlooks the coast Asia Minor is on the Dodecanese archipelago. In ancient times, this island was considered full of snakes and farmers still wore leather shoes to protect against the poisonous species of snakes still alive. Winter temperatures in Rhodes reach approximately 10 ° C and winds are considered Persistent An auxiliary factor in the movement of windmills, in addition to the valleys provide rich pastures and the plains produce a variety of grains.

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Rhodes Island is located in Greece and is the largest island in the Aegean Sea, located 17.7 km from off the southwest coast of Turkey, and has a population of more than 100,000 people, where about 80 thousand live in the city of Rhodes, and this island is a popular destination for youth and students as it is considered The city of Rhodes is a world heritage site, and this island is the capital of the archipelago, and this is a destination for tourists every year, especially in the spring and summer months. Among the important attractions of the island are the ancient walled city section of Rhodes, the Acropolis of Lindos and the unspoiled beaches on its shores Eastern, in addition to many a Beautiful castles built by the Knights of St. John, and many churches and monasteries that are located at the top of the hill, and characterized the island remains of Byzantine and Romenian empires.

Tourist sites in Rhodes

Rhodes Island is considered one of the most beautiful areas that attract tourists to it, because it has many locations such as:

  • The walled city gate of Rhodes: The city of Rhodes is surrounded by a large wall that has seven large gates, and each gate is called.
  • Ancient City Wall: The impressive Old Town is surrounded by a large wall, as it is a double wall that contains a dry trench between the walls.
  • Al-Forsan Street in the Old City: Al-Forsan Street is one of the most famous streets in the ancient town of Rhodes, as this street extends from the Grand Masters Palace to the new Archaeological Hospital Museum, and it is characterized by its painting of the knights who lived inside housing close to the streets, how they used to pray and live their daily lives and how they exercised their skills Military.
  • Grand Master Palace: The Grand Master Palace is one of the most famous buildings in Rhodes, being the residence of Saint John, which is called the Grand Master, and the palace contains 158 rooms about 24 rooms open to visitors so that they can tour the palace, in addition to that it is distinguished for its high-cost furnishings and mosaics.

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