Izmir city

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Izmir city

Izmir is one of the cities located in the state of Turkey, and it is perhaps one of its most important and important cities, and it extends along the coast of the Gulf of Izmir to the west of Turkey, and is considered the most prominent port of the state in the Asian part of it, and its population according to a recent statistic is approximately four million people, and its area is about Eleven thousand square kilometers, and the city is known as the bride of the Aegean Sea, in addition to its acquisition of the title of Pearl of the Sea, in reference to its breathtaking beauty and nature, and its important and distinguished marine position, and in this article we will talk about some general information about the Turkish city of Izmir.

Climate and terrain

Izmir is characterized by its moderate climate and low humidity throughout the year, as the weather is pleasant and rain falls even in the winter, which is known as cold in various regions of the world. As for the spring and autumn seasons, they are moderately hot. And there are also pine and olive trees, in addition to palm trees that decorate the streets of the city from the inside.

Landmarks of the city of Izmir

There are many facilities that follow the city of Izmir and which the city is famous for. Examples include the following:

  • Kemeralti.
  • clock tower.
  • Asansur or what is known in Arabic as the elevator.
  • Kadivikale Castle.
  • Izmir Sanjak Station.

Economy of Izmir

The Turkish city of Izmir is an important center with a commercial and important nature in terms of transportation, as it has the second largest port in Istanbul in terms of size and area, in addition to its important tourist position, which led to increased income and profit in the city and its economic revival.

Education in Izmir

The Turkish city of Izmir attaches great importance and attention to the education part, as there are many primary and secondary schools in it, in addition to a number of universities and institutes that study various educational and academic specializations such as September 9 University, Aegean University, and Izmir Institute of Technology and others.

Tourism in Izmir

It is considered a city with a tourist character in addition to the other distinctive cities of Turkey, and it has a mixture and mix of different civilizations and cultures that blend clearly between the past and the present and the cultures, arts and evidence on it, as tourists can enjoy singing, folklore and heritage in it, and they can also practice fishing.

Izmir attractions

There are a variety of places that people from different regions of the world can visit in the Turkish city of Izmir, and we mention, for example, but not exclusively, the following:

  • Bird paradise.
  • Turkish baths.
  • shopping centers.
  • Archaeological museums.
  • Guara.
  • Dekeley Beach.

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