If you want to get some local cuisine away from Bali Collection, take a walk along Jalan Pantai Minggiat. Here you will find many artworks, as well as clothing, souvenirs and other commodities. Bargaining is common here and you should be prepared for that – you’ll like it! Look around and find a great souvenir or gift to get home.
Jalan Pantai Mingyat is a shopping street in Nusa Dua, lined with a variety of art shops, bistros and restaurants. The street runs 1.5 kilometers south of the Nusa Dua axis, parallel to the Bali Collection shopping complex. It ends in Jalan Srikandi in the traditional village area of ​​Boalu. On both sides of the road, you will see locally owned small art stores. The street provides you with an alternative to local shopping for luxury hotel boutiques in the area.

The art shops of Jalan Pantai Minggiat Street are very similar to those in popular resort areas. Such as Kuta, Legian and Ubud. It sells similar goods like Bali gowns, shirts, wood carvings and kites. Some are at fixed prices, while in most stores bargaining is welcome. However, by being in the pocket of the luxurious Nusa Dua Resort, you can expect the initial prices to be a little higher than Kuta or anywhere else. Door-to-door price comparison is the key to getting the best deals.

Shopping on Jalan Pantai Mingyat Street
The Market Marketplace for the Arts is a good place for souvenirs. It is the first thing that you will encounter if you start your journey along Jalan Pantai Mingyat from Bali Group. They sell all kinds of Bali spa products, batik, jewelry and crafts. Next, along the main street you will find the small row of art stores at its southern end. Pre-store restaurants include Tropical Seafood and Grill, Ulam and Laguna Garden. There is also the Prada and Nyoman’s Beergarden Restaurant along the way.

Shops include the Ria Store, which sells oil paintings and batiks. Then there is the Art Adi Mart art market, and a few booths that are not mentioned in the Minceq Mini Market. Head further west and you will find Bintang boutique, which offers locally designed clothing and light and comfortable clothing for men and women. Rows of art stores run all the way to the junction of Mazar Jalan Tirumpong Street and Jalan Seligita. There are money changers and many spa, Warung food stalls selling local food, tailors and kiosks organizing tours on the spot.

The Grand Bali Nusa Dua
Located near Jalan Pantai Mingiat Street, The Grand Bali Nusa Dua Resort, a leading boutique resort located in the luxurious and exclusive Nusa Dua complex, the unique resort blends the warmth of Balinese traditions with modern amenities to create a relaxing environment. The resort also offers unprecedented personal service, pristine white beaches and spacious accommodations combined to give you lifelong memories.

Contacts to Jalan Pantai Mingyat Street
Location: Jalan Pantai Mingiat, Nusa Dua

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