It is what is known as America’s random immigration lottery that every youngster dreams about, and this lot or one has started since October 3 and the application process continued until it ended on November 7, 2018.

Applying to the American string is obtained for each young person applying for a confirmation number through which this number inquires about the outcome of the random lottery for America 2019, and this number must be kept because this number is what you will need in the inquiry process.

Conditions for admission to the American lottery

There are a set of conditions that must be met by a young person in order to be admitted to the American lotter:
The applicant must be over 16 years old.
– To be affiliated with one of the Arab countries allowed to enter America.
The applicant must have completed the military service.

Presentation expenses in the American lottery

In the beginning, when you apply in the American lottery, you will not need to pay in cash at the beginning, but in the event that your name appears from the names of the winners in the Green Card and you are certain that you have won permanently, you will need some expenses such as:
Pay the processing fee.
Performing some medical examinations that the winner is subject to.
– Amounts paid for travel expenses.
Department administration fees.

Conditions of the personal photo accompanying the registration form in the lottery

There are some conditions for the personal photo to be submitted with the application in order to accept this photo. Among these conditions are the following:
– The image should be clear and colored.
– The photo must have a white background and be no less than 300 pixels.
– The photo should be without wearing glasses, sunglasses or other, in order not to hide the features of the face.
You should not use photo editing programs like Photoshop.
– The image of the child must be clear-cut, with the need for the child to be alone and no one accompanies him in the picture, and there is no such thing as toys or a doll, and he does not wear anything that hides his features.

How to apply for US random lottery 2020

– The door to apply for random immigration to America for the year 2020 has been opened since the beginning of October for a full month, and anyone can apply through the official website of the application.
It should be noted that the application will be closed on November 6, and that results and winners will be announced on May 7, 2019, and the application for a green card extended until the first of 2020 will be completed.
– If the person does not win the competition, the winners of the Lottery winners will appear in 2020, in which case you can apply again in the year following the current year, because many were not so lucky to win the first time, but after they applied more than once until they were able to obtain The Green Card and winning this lottery and permanent residence in the United States of America do not despair of applying for several years if necessary.

How to apply in the American lottery

– Initially, the full name is entered and the name is comprehensive (family name / surname – person’s name – father’s name). The name is entered as indicated in the passport, and writing must be observed in the same order as the passport.
– When entering the date of birth, it is entered in the following order: day / month / year. It must be taken into account that writing the date of birth in a correct way because correcting it after that is difficult.
– Then we start writing the gender: male / female and this item is one of the items that should not be mistaken because any error in this item and its discovery will be excluded from travel.
– Then the city of birth is entered, and this is the city in which the city in which you were born is restricted.
– Country of birth and this item means the country in which you were born, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Yemen, Libya and others.
– Then the country that qualifies for particiAl Bahahn in its plural immigration program asks you and this country differs from the place in which it is, so it must be taken into account that if the applicant is called to belong to a country other than the country in which he was born, this information must be clearly stated on the immigration application.

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