The State of Kuwait is considered one of the most prominent Arab Gulf states, surrounded by a group of other Arab countries, from the northwestern side bordered by Iraq, and from the southern side bordered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while from the east the Arabian Gulf comes, and the climate in it is desert so that the temperatures are high in the summer It is low in winter, and is classified as one of the most oil-producing countries in the world. Therefore, its income and economy are large, and this is evident in its various buildings, buildings and institutions, in addition to the tourist and commercial places that are interested in activities in various fields, whether tourist. , Cultural, or even artistic, and we will deal with the following most prominent features and include the following:

Kuwait Landmarks

Kuwait Towers

It is three main towers located on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, specifically in an area called Ras Al-Agouza in the capital Kuwait, and it was officially opened in the year 1979 AD and the height of the main shaft has about one hundred and eighty seven meters, and each of them overlooks all of Kuwait.

Sadu House

A heritage house that was established in the year 1979 AD in order to preserve the traditional textile industry, which includes hair houses, tents and other things made of wool, and a group of art exhibitions are constantly held in it in addition to the various training and development courses, knowing that this house was built for the first time from clay This was in the year 1936 AD.

the green Island

An artificial island created near the towers, with an area of ​​about seven hundred and eighty-five thousand square meters, and is considered the first man-made island in the Arab Gulf region, and includes a tourist tower and a group of restaurants equipped with the latest waterfalls in addition to a castle for children.

Failaka Island

One of the most beautiful islands located in Kuwait, and full of historical places dating back to ancient time ages dating back to the third millennium BC.

Messilah Beach

It is one of the largest beaches in Kuwait, and it extends on a beach called Al-Amsaliah with a length of three hundred and fifty meters. It is distinguished by its bright white sand that together with the sea water forms a stunning natural landscape, and includes three swimming pools for all age groups.

Ski hall

It is an athletic edifice established in the year 1980 AD, as the first place for sports in the Arab Gulf region, and its area is estimated at about eight thousand and ninety square meters, surrounded by a belt of green color, which is the first two halls called the Olympic Hall and its area is estimated at about one thousand eight hundred meters Square and has many health and recreational services, while the second has an area of ​​about eight hundred meters.

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