Lake Zell am See in Austria

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Tourism in Lake Zell am See

Lake Zell am See is located in the Austrian state of Salzburg and occupies a large area of ​​it amounting to 4.5 km 2, where the lake is located in the middle of the Austrian countryside on the outskirts of a small village with a population of no more than 10 thousand people, known as Zell am See Kaprun, where this town in Austria is famous for being the second most important tourist destination There is a dimension in Vienna, in order to receive large numbers of tourists coming to get to know Lake Zell am See and explore its picturesque natural beauty that distinguishes it from the rest of the world’s lakes, as its occurrence among a number of mountain ranges wrapped around it helped in providing distinct terrain that helped in carrying out many tourist activities Around the lake, in addition to green trees located on these mountains which give a distinctive look and color on the mixed waters of the lake between the net and the blue sky trees vegetables and herbs dense.

Ship trips

On the shores of Lake Zell am See there are a number of cruise ships that offer their visitors and tourists a wonderful trip through the lake waters to enjoy its beauty and the beauty of the surrounding nature from all sides. These ships also offer meals from the popular food that this region is famous for within a dancing musical atmosphere, in addition to stopping in A number of the lake’s distinct and famous beaches, while allowing passengers to wander around for a while on foot.


The large area of ​​Lake Zell am See provides the ability to practice water skiing in the summer during clear and warm days, and freezing in the cold and snowy winter months helps in skiing on most of its beaches.

Cable car

Available around the Lake Zell am See cable car, which extends from the lake in its beginning to the highest height in the Schmitten mountain overlooking the lake, which is more than 2000 meters high, and visitors to the lake and tourists can enjoy the trip on the cable car, which enables them to see the lake completely from the top, with the possibility of wandering in Places for tourists and visitors on top of the mountain through the corridors, in addition to places for children to play.


A large number of various hotels are spread on the shores of the lake, where the traditional and popular character dominates some of them, whose presence dates back more than 100 years, but others are distinguished by their modern and upscale five-star services, while they have beaches for their residents, in addition to health resorts. Spread around it offers massage services, spa, steam bath and many more.


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