Lake Constance and the Bregenz Festival: The city of Bregenz is located on the magnificent Lake Constance, one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe and the third largest lake in the continent of Europe, and contains a lot of beautiful and wonderful surroundings, such as the Rhine Valley, and Mount Vander, which has many stunning views On the lake, there are many great parks and swimming areas right next to the beach.

Many concerts, theatrical performances and festivals, such as the famous Bregenz Festival, are held near the lake and are held every year in July and August. This festival is one of the most famous festivals in Europe, attended by many prominent figures, musicians and Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

– Mount Vander and Pfander Bahen: Mount Vander is located in the east of the city of Bregenz, and has a length of about 1064 meters, and can be reached via a journey of 2 km in six minutes on the Vanderbahn cable car, or a two-hour trip across a steep path from the city of Burnens via Huntermos, which is a great excursion from which to see many wonderful views of Lake Constance.
And some Swiss cities on the shores of the lake, there are 240 mountain peaks visible and is one of the most famous observation points in Austria, and the upper station of the cable car provides many scenic views, and enjoy the Alpine Wild Park, and can enjoy a pleasant 30-minute stroll through the greenery and flocks of mountain goats.

– Lower Bregenz City: The lower city is the newest part of the city, and the Kornmarkt Square is located in the center of the lower city. It contains many tourist attractions, the most prominent of which is the Kornmarkthaus Hotel which was built in 1838, which has become a theater now, and St. Nebomok Church, The 18th-century Rococo Church, and an interesting place, is the New Town Hall (Rathaus) that was built in 1686.

– Upper Bregenz City: It is the old city that in the past was one of the most fortified places, and it is one of the wonderful areas that it is preferable to explore on foot, as it contains many streets that have preserved its ancient and charming character, and in some places there are still remnants of walls dating back To the thirteenth century old city.
Among the highlights of the upper city are the Old Town Hall (Alte Rathaus), which is a half-timbered building dating back to 1622, the Deuringschlösschen Palace which is a small palace dating back to 1698, the 18th-century St. Joseph Church, and St. Gallus Church It is a simple gothic building dating back to the 14th century. It was rebuilt in 1738 and features rich interior decorations dating back to the late Baroque and Rococo era.

– Vorarlberg Museum: The museum is located on the northern side of the Kornmarktplatz Hotel in the Lower Town, and was established in 1857 to preserve cultural heritage, and contains many historical, cultural and artistic displays dating back to prehistoric times to the present day, and contains a memorial Ancient Stone, and some archaeological finds dating back to the Stone and Bronze Age, and the museum contains some musical instruments, ancient costumes and weapons.

Kunsthaus Bregenz: It is one of the most modern buildings in the city, and is characterized by its wonderful design and solid steel structure covered with a layer of glass, Kunsthaus Bregenz hosts a variety of contemporary art galleries and was opened in 1997, and has become one of the most important cultural monuments in the city.

– St. Martin’s Tower: It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Bregenz. This historic building was built between 1599 and 1602 and was built in the Baroque style, which is a watchtower, and offers wonderful panoramic views of the city and Lake Constance. It contains a number of Gorgeous wall paintings on the ceiling, a large collection of local historical exhibitions and displays.

– Feldkirch and Shatenberg Castle: Feldkirch is located about 35 km south of Bregenz, by a steep path, and it is one of the twelfth century castles. The castle contains a beautiful square with a portable wooden cart and a group of weapons dating back to the year 1250.

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