The Achsour waterfalls are located in Morocco, which is about 30 km away from the city of Chefchaouen, which are mountainous areas, which consist of a mixture of high and tall mountains, charming waterfalls and beautiful scenes, and this area is located near the city of Tangier, which follows Ashur and belongs to the province of Chefchaouen It is one of the most beautiful places found in the north of the Arab Maghreb and the road of Achsur that passes through the valley of Oued Lu, and Ashqar is famous for its beautiful waterfalls, and this is where the waterfalls are very high, which are characterized by tall mountains and pouring waterfalls into a natural pool. These waterfalls are the first and preferred place for all visitors throughout .

Ashur Falls

These waterfalls are the first and preferred place for all visitors, and this is where they witness a large tourist attraction that is unparalleled, but there are no means of transportation which reach the place and require going to the waterfalls on foot, which is a period that corresponds to one to two hours of time, and this is based on This and the visitor exhibits many many zigzags, which are high before reaching them, and that all visitors to these waterfalls, and this is where there is a great pleasure for adventure and the opportunity to enjoy all the charming natural scenes, especially the scenery of fresh fallen waters, which are interspersed with all the sun’s rays. Qaza is a park, and this is part of the world heritage “Tlemctan National Park”, which is a reserve located in the north of Morocco in the Bab Taza region, and it is precisely that the mountains of Qara’a are located in front of a village near the Mago Yagzalan Promenade, which is a very beautiful park.

Information about the lakeside falls

When a person visits the waterfalls of Achsur in Chefchaouen in Morocco, we will find two groups, one of which is low and it appears low as if it is a flowing water eye and the other is at the top between the high mountains, and this is where it has a wonderful view and magic and it is through which many memorial photos are taken in front of the waterfalls because they are the same A distinctive view and everyone loves many people from all over. The waterfalls of the shore of Chefchaouen, which are located higher between the mountains and that help in giving an exciting tour, are fully explored from the top, which embraces the distinct nature and green in a spectacular and enjoyable sight with its quiet roaring waters. It is what makes you clear-minded, gets rid of troubles, and gives you happiness, meditation, and recuperation with all that is around you from God’s calamity that exists on earth.
There is also climbing in the mountains that surround Chefchaouen Akshaur, which is characterized by Morocco in general, and this is where the mountainous nature in which there are the largest mountain ranges and which have the Atlas Mountains as the mountains of the city of Chefchaouen also deserve to go up and there is a distinct tour and it is possible to enjoy and see it With panoramic views of the place and the high waterfalls, as for the low point of Achshor Chefchaouen, which provides all its visitors with pleasure and this is for bathing in its clear and very blue waters, and this is where it makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, but it is better to visit it in the summer This is where the weather in the winter is very cold and also that the eye is located inside a reserve, and there are no outlets or shops which sell many clothes for swimming and they are brought to swim in this region where there is distinctive water and one of the things that most visitors love .

What is the city of Ashur?

It is one of the most important Moroccan cities, about 30 kilometers from Morocco, from the blue city, which is many mountainous areas and one of the most wonderful and best places that are in the north of the Arab Maghreb, and this city is famous for having many distinct waterfalls and this is where there are waterfalls in It is high and high between high mountains which flow into a natural swimming pool and is considered one of the detailed waterfalls to all visitors, and it is one of the first and preferred places for all visitors, and this is where it witnesses a large tourist attraction that is unparalleled, but there are no means to communicate with the place, and walking is done on foot For her pleasure B to these waterfalls, which is a special pleasure in adventure and one of the most important private opportunities and enjoy all the scenic scenery, especially the scenery of fresh water falling from it with the distinctive sunlight.

Also, the characteristics of Achsour are not limited to being of a charming nature, but there is a region with a great heritage to attract many people to witness the splendor and beauty of these mountains, and also there are many visitors who go to Tlemcen National Park, which is a nature reserve and there are rare fir forests and it is possible To pass in many wonderful and distinctive areas that exist in this region, which is one of the places of charming nature.

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