We show you one of the newest and best tourist attractions in the Emirates, which is Dubai Creek, the tallest tower that witnesses the extent of development and urban progress reached by the city of Dubai, the Emirates is constantly seeking to provide innovative and unique ideas in design and construction of buildings and not only did not create Burj Khalifa, but sought to acquire The largest number of tourists through the Dubai Creek Tower.
In recent years, the UAE managed to achieve unprecedented achievements in the development of tourism, as it climbed to the 29th rank in the list of the best countries in the world for tourism and the first rank in the Arab world, in addition to the city of Dubai being on the throne of the list of the best tourist destinations inside the country and the Arab level, and in Arab travelers we offer You have the most important information about the Dubai Creek Tower.

Dubai Creek is the tallest tower

The establishment of such a project will give the Emirates further development in addition to moving to the highest centers in the world in the list of the best tourist countries, and the following are the most important information on this edifice:

The most prominent information about the Dubai Creek Tower

  • In 2016, Emaar Properties, which is responsible for the new Dubai Creek Tower project, started to implement and build this project, and it is expected that the construction of this tower will end in a year, and its area will reach about 3.7 square kilometers.
  • The tower is located 8 km from the Burj Khalifa, which is still the highest tower in the world, so it is located in a distinguished tourist location near the Dubai Creek Harbor, besides that it will overlook the Ras Khor Wildlife Sanctuary which is within walking distance of it. , And it includes more than 60 species of waterfowl, and visitors will be able to see the features of the city through the rotating glass terraces.
  • The total cost of building the tower amounted to about one billion dollars, and it is expected that upon completion of its construction the government will present it to visitors at Expo 2020 to review the most important details of the construction of the project.
  • Among the goals of building this tower is to maintain the title of the highest tower in the world, as the height of this tower will exceed one thousand meters to become higher than the Burj Khalifa, and some reports have indicated that the length of the tower will reach 1300 meters.

The tallest tower in the world 2020

  • Dubai Creek Tower is competing heavily with a number of constellations in other countries such as the Jeddah Tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which reaches a height of about 1008 meters, in addition to Mubarak Tower in Kuwait, which reaches a height of 1001 meters.
  • The Dubai government has used one of the most famous and best architects in the world in the design of this unique edifice, Spanish engineer Santiago Calatrava who stated that he was inspired by the shape of the desert lily in the design of the shape of the tower.
  • The top of the tower was designed in the form of a lily flower bud, which is an oval shape that will include a number of floors that enable the visitor to see a panoramic view of the most prominent Dubai such as the Dubai Creek Reserve, in addition to turning the top of the tower into a lighthouse at the advent of the night to give it an attractive and charming scene at this time, as The top of the tower is provided with an axial structure and a number of cables along with moving lights.
  • The Spanish designer wanted the tower design to be inspired by the history and culture of the Emirates. The tower was designed from the outside in a manner similar to the minaret, but from the inside it presented a distinct design inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, which represents one of the most important seven wonders of the world.
  • Besides the gardens that are inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, the tower includes a number of housing units, in addition to a number of the most luxurious hotels, and the project also contains a number of restaurants and places designated for administrative meetings.
  • The project also includes a number of corridors for pedestrian crossing, which will be established in a number of places in the Tower Square, so in order to facilitate the movement of visitors, besides that the government has sought to apply the highest standards of environmental conservation in the implementation of this project.

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