The land of northern lights, active volcanoes, and therapeutic hot springs Iceland includes the largest ice cave man made, and is the fruit of the efforts of a group of Icelandic businessmen who wanted to explore the surface of glaciers and their adventure reached a huge ice tunnel in the western part of Langkocol (Long Glaciers) on the heights Central-West of Iceland.
The tunnel extends 1.260 meters above the sea level and is characterized by its soft surfaces and changing colors that start with a bright white color at the entrance to the cave and then change until it becomes blue in the depth of the cave, and the journey in the cave can take about four hours to see all the small colored caves and carefully carved where Visitors can enjoy light refreshments in an amazing environment.

The cave can be accessed by a special ice truck or by helicopter that provides breathtaking ice scenes, and at the end of the cave there is a large hall for the establishment of icy weddings lit with LED lights reflected on the ice that appears as sparkling crystal, and this hall can also be rented for concerts Musicals and private parties.

Trips to the cave are launched on a daily basis from Reykjavik and Hozafil to the hidden mountains of the ice. The construction of the cave began in 2010 and opened in 2015, and the University of Iceland is sending educational missions from students and researchers to study and measure periodic ice movements as depth of some areas in the cave reaches deep To about 500 meters below the surface of the glacier.

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