The largest entertainment park in Lithuania is located in the center of Vilnius, the capital, on the shore of the Niris River. It extends over two square kilometers covered with green trees and provides an experience full of excitement and adrenaline.

The gardens provide more than 140 competitions on different creative paths in the picturesque Lithuanian nature, where you must fly over the river to cross it, climb hills or use ropes to move between trees, in addition to swinging stairs, walking on bridges, diving in narrow tunnels and many other fun games for young and old on Both.

The adventure is not complete without the experience of flying in hot air balloons when the weather is beautiful and clear as Lithuania is one of the few countries that allow airships to fly over its cities on a daily basis and not only in festivals, and adventurers can enjoy watching the ancient city of Vilnius listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List or the sights The stunning natural landscape in the Lithuanian countryside, where we see the majestic castles, manor houses, rivers and beautiful green hills, and pilots cut the sweetest tales that tell the history and features of these wonderful areas.

A balloon can reach heights of up to seven kilometers, where only brave adventurers can enjoy the free-jumping experience of a hot air balloon that is recommended to be performed over the beautiful natural beauty of Coronian Lake, and in a gentle gesture, people who fly for the first time receive flight certificates and honorary titles.

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