The town of Hallstatt, which is located on the land of the state of Austria, is considered one of the most important and most beautiful country and villages in Austria as it contains a distinguished history and charming and picturesque nature in addition to many important tourist attractions that exist in the city and that are due to its picturesque and distinctive geographical location She is considered the bride of the Austrian state after Vienna, the capital of course, as the state of Austria contains many islands and cities that have a long history in addition to the technological civilization that tourism has witnessed in Austria, which made it build a modern tourism civilization and compete with its ancient civilization, which makes it It is one of the most suitable countries for tourism, and the state of Austria contains many pleasures that many tourists from different countries of the world wish to visit, as it is considered not a coastal country as it does not overlook any sea or ocean as it is located in the middle of the continent of Central Europe, but it is distinguished With the passage of the colorful Danube, which passes through many other European tourist countries, the most important of which is Germany, Ukraine, Portugal, and others, as for the city of both Gnfort is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the state of Curtin as it is also considered the main capital of the state of Curtin, which is one of the most important Tourist states that exist in the developing country A, and it is also worth noting that the city of both Gansferot is located close to the international borders that separate the state of Austria and the southern region of the famous mountain range the Alps in which it is located, but the town of Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful natural scenic areas that are characterized by its features The different tourism that we will discover together in the next lines of the article.

It is also worth noting that the town of Hallstatt is considered one of the most important countries and different tourist cities that exist in Austria and one of the most important reasons for this fame is its distinctive geographical location, which exists and overlooks the famous and global lake Hallstatt, which is also found within the Austrian tourist province of Jammunden, It is also worth noting that this idyllic and distinctive town of Hallstatt is distinguished by its long and distinguished history in the march of salt production, as it has found many clear and explicit indications of the town’s reputation for producing salt since many centuries, especially those that reach the ages that are what BC and from the A monastery also reminds that this town due to its famous tourist beauty, the Chinese Mining Company issued a decision in the eleventh year of the new millennium to construct a town that is a true copy of Halchat, which is Huizhou Village in Fuyanjung County in the State of China, and it is also worth noting also That this picturesque town is located about seventy-two square kilometers only from the city of Salz Burg, i.e. it is close to it, but rather it is considered the nearest cities and famous and important villages within Austria to this town as it is easy when staying in the city of Salz Burg to go in A trip to this town to check out and see Arrow Picturesque landscapes that exist on its territory.

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in which it is located is the town church, which is also called the town, as it is located near a small market, which is overlooked by this ancient and ancient historical church, which has attracted many tourists and visitors from all over the world to get to know The town’s past is also overlooked as it is near the market, which has a group of shops, restaurants, and cafes that can be seated while going on different tours in the city, and the Salz Camere Jute Resort is one of the most important resorts that exist on Dachstein Mountain, which It contains a group of mountain peaks Consecutive period, which reaches a height of about two thousand to three thousand meters above the surface of the earth, and it is worth noting that this resort contains local fame and popular fame as it is preferred by many tourists to visit in the winter to enjoy skiing.

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