Turkey is famous for the multiplicity of tourist places in all seasons, whether summer, winter, autumn and spring. The abundance of natural, historical and touristic places make it a permanent tourism country throughout the year, so wherever you go in Turkey in any season you will find the right place for tourism and enjoyment. You will find comfort and autumnal beauty beside Lake Ulugul located in the state Urdu is the pearl of the Black Sea. It is one of the beautiful states located in the Black Sea region in the Turkish north. The city is distinguished by its beautiful nature, pure beaches and a wonderful mild atmosphere, especially in the autumn and winter season. The one who enjoys enormous tourist visits by Arab tourists in particular fascinates state visitors and lovers of nature and greenery ..

Lake Ulugul, which has become the No. 36 natural place at the level of Turkey or the Natural Park 36 is one of the most important autumn tourist destinations for Turks, Arabs and foreigners alike as the lake and the place are reflected in a yellow, orange and red color reflection is the reflection of tree shades that gives a natural joy to the lake thanks to the shade of trees considered The lake and garden are the first tourist front for landscape scape photographers and photography lovers, whether amateurs or professionals. The orange lake area is about 60 hectares with a depth of 70-80 meters. City visitors can perform a number of fantastic activities. He also arranges tourist trips and camping as well as walking on the edge of the lake.

Interested in the place of tourists from the Saudi Arabian Gulf region, the Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar in particular, as the unique natural beauty of the place gives it a unique uniqueness of its kind. Not only this spreads around the lake and the garden, the mountains are adorned with red flowers and violet flowers that bloom in the spring and summer seasons as they become a paradise due to rainfall. Summer.

The area around the lake is famous for the presence of rivers, shawls, deep valleys and canyons. Houses spread across the highlands of the state, which provide visitors with hospitality services. The temperature reaches 15 degrees Celsius. It is characterized by beauty, greenness and exclusivity. The people of the state are distinguished by generosity and hospitality. In September every year in the state there is a new airport that was inaugurated on the surface of the water The houses on the surface of the mountains are cheap for tourists The city and pine trees are famous for its traditional food Ordu-Giresun, built in the sea on an artificial island.

If you are a fan of the natural autumn beauty and the spread of yellow color with the clouds of the sky, you must increase the area of ​​Lake Olugul in the state of Ordu in the north of Turkey in the Black Sea region where nature, beauty and magic can enjoy a number of activities such as camping, exercise and night barbecues and staying in mountain homes up the mountain And enjoy the popular cuisine in the city and photography, because the city and the garden contain very magical places.

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