Park Boulevard Mall

It is considered one of the most important shopping places in Baku, there is in the city center about 5 minutes from the metro station, so going to it is very easy and the mall consists of several floors as it is a huge mall that combines its architecture between the western and eastern architecture.
The area of ​​the mall reaches 17 thousand square meters and has a enough car park for about 550 cars. The mall has shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and other products. It is also not limited to selling products only, but it is also an entertainment place because there is a cinema hall and a theater hall in it. There are also dedicated places. For kids, a planetarium, bowling alley and other entertainment.

We advise you, when you finish your tour of the mall, to go to one of the restaurants in it and eat a local meal, especially the seafood that Baku is famous for, given its view of the Caspian Sea and other italyn, Mexican, Turkish and Russian cuisine, so the mall has different restaurants.
Metro Park Mall
It is one of the best shopping places in Baku and it is near the metro station “Narimanov”, so going to it is not a difficult thing. There are more than 60 stores selling different products such as clothes, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics and other products.

Besides the presence of restaurants, cafes, a cinema, and places equipped for children, and it has a enough parking space for about 350 cars, it is an integrated mall.
Port Baku Mall
Port Baku Mall Although it is one of the newest shopping centers in Baku, it was opened in 2014, but it is very popular, it consists of 3 floors and an area of ​​32 thousand square meters
It includes more than 300 stores that include the most famous international brands of clothes, shoes and various products. There are also restaurants that offer meals and drinks.
Mall 28
It is located in a lively area of ​​Baku and was opened in 2012 and is considered one of the best shopping places and gets wide fame, with an area of ​​more than 25 thousand square meters and also includes about 70 stores offering local and international brands
It also has a large number of cafes and restaurants up to 16 restaurants and cafes in addition to cinemas.
Ganjlik Mall ..
It is one of the largest malls in Baku, with an area of ​​about 50 thousand square meters. There is near a famous soccer field called “Tofiq Bahramov”. The mall is distinguished by its having international and local brands that suit different categories. Restaurants are located on the upper floor and provide a wonderful view of the city as well. The mall has a bowling alley and a cinema.

Baku Azerbaijan markets

– The green market, it is one of the most important markets in Baku and is characterized by very appropriate prices. By doing this, you find food products such as vegetables and fruits in addition to handmade products, and we advise you to buy a souvenir from them.

– Nizami Street, it is one of the most important markets in Baku, as it is a street with different brands that suit all groups, and the pleasure of shopping in walking for walks and taking souvenir photos, at the same time shopping, you can not miss the fast food experience provided, but make sure that it is clean.
– Azrielm market, this market is considered one of the most important markets of Baku and it is an ideal market for the acquisition of souvenirs that express Baku because it offers various handicraft products especially textiles and carpets, as the textile industry is an integral part of the culture of this region and therefore we advise you to buy souvenirs from it to gift it to the family and loved ones when returning.
– Baku Corner market, it includes a different group of products, especially those produced by craftsmen in order to improve their living standards. It also displays artworks for poor children or in orphanages. If you want help, you can go to this place and buy the products that you like.

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