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1.Mizo Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in the city and offers food there with distinction, as it has a delicious combination of European and oriental fusion alongside delicious local seafood, tapas and steaks is the ideal companion.

2. Velocity Restaurant

This is a great place to enjoy the amazing nightlife in Kerala as there are many types of wallpaper including movies, brick style and other options, which are also a center of attraction for the restaurant and the restaurant offers a range of background music including Indian music channels and some tracks The epic of pop king Michael Jackson, Madonna and Kylie Minogue. It is built in the style of sofa lounge and excellent service make it distinct from the others.

3. Ava Lounge lounge

This hall contains huge sofas for individual seating and Ava lounge offers many items in every area if you are in Kochi this place is best for you and always has something special for every day and it does not matter where you come from. This place can change your mood in a jiffy and there is an area Very comfortable seating, great service, amazing sound system and all this makes you enjoy the wonderful Kerala nightlife.

4. Sky Grill Restaurant and Lounge Crowne Plaza Hotel

It is a rooftop that offers panoramic views of the sparkling stagnant water and this may not be your ideal choice for dinner since their menu tends towards finger food and they have indoor and outdoor seating so you can choose the perfect one for you.

5.Aromori Restaurant

If you are a fanatic of seafood, you need to eat as the chef here is well known for its authentic seafood products from Kerala that will make you crave more.

6. Seagull Fort Cochin

Nawras is another popular hangout in Fort Kochi where you can see the sea and eat on it with delicious beef, providing great views of ships and ferries.

7. Vortex crown gate

It is a luxurious dining hall with music that will make you wake up to its wonderful tunes and scream the interiors elegantly with luxurious furniture in shades of brown and burgundy, soft lighting and elegant modern art.

8. Ava Long Radisson Blu

There is a vibrant lounge in Kerala and although there is no formal dance floor, underground patrol music brings people to life at any time and they also have live music played by professionals and skilled people.

9. Cathakali Show

It is a classic dance drama originated in Kerala and famous for its elaborate costumes and shaping body movements and graceful. This beautiful form of dance is an ideal show for talents and watching the performance of Kathakali is a great way to spend an evening in Kerala

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