There are a few cities that combine culture and natural beauty, while Vancouver is distinguished in British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city located on the snow-capped coast mountains on the west coast of Canada, while Vancouver attracts about 8 million visitors every year.
The city boasts an attractive collection of international museums, theaters, art galleries, restaurants and large seafood, in addition to waterfront paths, urban beaches and the port related to the scenic features that distinguish Vancouver from other major destinations.
Vancouver offers many opportunities for recreation within the city and visitors, in addition to providing opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, but with natural wonders that lie outside the city limits. There are many daily flights in Vancouver, which we will show you in this article, including:

The best tourist places in Vancouver
Harrison Hot Springs
It is located in East Vancouver at the southern end of Harrison Lake in the Fraser Valley, a small village of Harrison Hot Springs, in the resort area where hikers have been accepted for more than 100 years. Lake Harrison is one of the main attractions of this lakeside city, and there are both indoor and outdoor mineral baths in a range of warm and comfortable temperatures to enjoy. Other activities include boating on the lake, golf and hiking.

An hour’s drive north from Vancouver off the motorway, hikers spend a day to the city known as the open-air entertainment capital of Canada. Squamish is located at the northern end of Howe Sound from the small town of Squamish, which provides easy access to some scenic and exciting landscapes with a mixture of outdoor adventures. There are over 300 paths to climb, and there are picturesque waterfalls that provide an unforgettable experience. New in Squamish is a gondola to the sky, which beats visitors to the lodge with restaurants between the waterfalls.

In the historic village of Steveston, which lies at the mouth of the Fraser River, visitors enjoy salmon fishing, as it is one of the important activities in the Vancouver area throughout its long history, and this tradition still exists today. Many visitors gather in part of the city of Richmond, to congregate around the active fishing port, which includes more than 600 boats, some of which operate excursions to see whales. The waterfront of Steveston Pass is a great spot to take in the sight and enjoy day fishing. It is often used as a filming location to attract fans with TV shows such as “Once Upon a Time”, “X Files” and “Stargate SG-1”.

Whale Watching
Wildlife is awash in the waters surrounding Vancouver and Vancouver Island, with sea lions, eagle seals and herons. The Gulf of Georgia is also home to three centuries of orcas dolphins with a total number of about 100 killer whales. Visitors are welcome to see the whales on a distinct adventure around Vancouver with a set of three-hour leisurely trips in comfortable and pleasant boats.

Grouse Mountain
Located 15 minutes outside of Vancouver, Mount Gross is a popular mountain all year round as a preferred outdoor façade, with the opportunity to hiking in summer and great skiing in winter. There is the resort that houses a wildlife sanctuary, with bears and wolves watching and explanatory programs.

Bowen Island
Bowen Island can be reached by short ferry or water taxi ride to the northwest of Vancouver Bowen Island, which is a destination for tourists and locals alike, especially when the weather is hot and sunny. Visitors to Pune Island are always accepted to relax on one of the many sandy beaches on the island, with the possibility to enjoy favorite activities, while the island offers favorite small forests for hiking and mountain biking as well. In addition to climbing the summit of Mount Garner. There are shops close to the ferry landing area, which is marked by art, jewelry and crafts made by local craftsmen.

Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens are among some of the most popular trips in Vancouver across the Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island as they are wonderful parks as a favorite destination for many visitors. Visitors are welcomed during the temperate climate in Vancouver with its flowering flowers all year round, fountains and statues, and totem pillars.

Whistler is one of the mountainous regions in the north of Vancouver coast, and it is a popular resort, and it is considered one of the finest ski destinations in the world. The resort can be reached by driving or riding a train with scenic views of Canada, across the sea lane to the sky. There are about 2 million people who visit Whistler in the winter, while the number of visitors reaches more than 200 tracks between rare terrain. Thanks to the innovations that occurred when Whistler hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics events.

Victoria is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the capital of British Columbia, and is famous for having enough sights and daily flights from Vancouver. Over 4 million visitors accept to visit Victoria every year. The city’s historic center houses many buildings dating back to 1840, including Parliament Buildings and the Fairmont Imperial Hotel.

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