Schwarz Resort is one of the most picturesque tourist resorts that are located in the heart of the Alps region as it is located in the city of Innsbruck as it is considered a degree of imagination as it is considered an artistic painting made by the Almighty Creator as this resort is characterized by the presence of splendor and beauty of the Austrian countryside from Around it, it is filled with natural rural beauty inside it, which makes it one of the most beautiful tourist hotels that can be stayed and resided in it to enjoy the distinctive Austrian rural atmosphere in the city of Innsbruck, which enjoys that it contains the largest tourist ingredients you may find in any other European city where it is similar to Vienna in Beauty and art Raki and the global magic that is famous for it, but it is also famous for its picturesque natural environment, which contributed greatly to its fame and the spread of its reputation among many tourists who love beauty, nature and art, as it is considered the official capital of the federal state of Tirol, which is located in the western side From the state of Austria, especially this city is located in the Inn Valley, which in turn is located at the famous intersection with Nepal, and therefore it is considered one of the most beautiful and beautiful tourist cities. In addition to Vienna, the land of beauty, magic and art, which is considered one of the largest The states in the Austrian state that cannot be: It is competing with another city in the tourist and natural beauty that God has on it, but in short the city of Innsbruck is considered one of the most beautiful tourist cities also undoubtedly, which contributes greatly to the revitalization of local and international tourism to the state of Austria, and Schwarz Resort is one of the most important resorts The scenic view directly over the Alps and is one of the famous sights in Innsbruck.

The Schwarz Resort is famous for being one of the most important products for relaxing and enjoying nature in the city of Innsbruck, which is located specifically in the picturesque village of Memming, which separates them from the heart of the city of Innsbruck about more than twenty-five minutes by car, and it is worth noting also that Schwarz Resort consists of three slim hotels attached to each other as they are located under the ownership of the famous Austrian family Bertel, which manages and supervises this resort from the beginning of the morning until the evening, and one of the most beautiful and wonderful views in this place is its distinctive view with Jem green To me who spreads around the resort, since since you entered this hotel you will find the owner of the hotel Mr. Berktel himself to welcome you and introduce you to this wonderful family as he invites guests to a cup of coffee and some snacks that can be eaten during the time spent in Completion of residency procedures and transfer of bags.

Despite the small size of this resort, many European tourists always visit it, because most of the time all the rooms and suites are occupied with it, and one of the most beautiful things in this place is that once they know that there are some tourists of Arab nationality and adherents of the Islamic religion, They provided a prayer mat and a holy Qur’an in every Muslim room, in addition to informing them about a place towards the qiblah, as it respects all visitors and residents, and welcomes the owners of the Islamic religion. The hotel has also been designed to have inside every room a small room that uses For children, it is also worth noting that The resort has two hotels dedicated to book rooms The third hotel, it has been allocated to be dedicated to book unique suites in addition to the presence of the building Annex IV of the resort, which has a reception hall and a cafe and a huge restaurant.

And this resort is characterized by the Scholars resort that has a certain architectural style, where you can see many natural landscapes and green spaces from all the rooms and suites in this resort with its three buildings, as it is characterized by its green and picturesque garden, which has won the award for the best hotel garden There are in the Tyrol region in Austria twice, and it is known that the private supervisor of this park is the wife of the owner of the producer, who takes care of this garden by herself and takes care of her every morning and this resort enjoys that it has all the medical, therapeutic and electrical facilities and means All contact from me Perhaps the most important tourist destinations that must be visited in Austria and its accommodation.

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