Cape Verde Islands is a country located in West Africa, includes a group of islands of the Atlantic Ocean, western Senegal, and is part of an island region collectively known as Macaronesia.
Despite its distance from the altitude with the exception of 3 mountain islands, lack of natural resources, isolation from many other countries, and devastating famines in the late twentieth century, Cape Verde gained a positive reputation in promoting what is considered the most democratic in Africa, a standard of living Higher than most African countries, and one of the most politically liberal countries on the continent and in the world.

Cape Verde Islands (population 506,000 people) lies 500 km off the west coast of Africa, uninhabited islands were discovered and colonized by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century; they later became a commercial center for African slaves, after which an important interruption of coal and resupply of whaling Shipping across the Atlantic, independence was achieved in 1975.

The climate in Cape Verde islands

Cape Verde’s climate is tropical, with warm and dry summers, as part of the Greater Sahel region of Africa. The precipitation is minimal and recedes between June and February, and peaks in September.
Some of the islands see almost no rain, these are Sal, Boa Vista and Maio, these islands are barren, while the most rainy islands are Santiago, Fogo and Santo Antao, yet they are semi-arid.

Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde islands consist of 10 main islands and about 8 other islands, the main islands (clockwise from the northwest):
– Santo Antao.
São Vicente.
– Santa Luzia.
– Rural island of São Nikolao.
– Asked.
Boa Vista.
– Maio.
– The island of Santiago.
– Fogo.
– Brava.

Cape Verde cities

There are 24 cities in Cape Verde:
Praia: the capital, on the island of Santiago.
– Mindelo: the port city of São Vicente, and perhaps the most vibrant in the country.
Cidade Vielha (Ribera Grande): historic city in Santiago.
– Espargos: it is the capital of Sal where the airport and Santa Maria are the main tourist area in the south of the island.
Assumada: It is the seat of the municipality of Santa Catarina in Santiago.
Santa Maria: the former administrative capital and the most populous city of Sal.
Sao Philippe: historic city of Fogo.

Other destinations in Cape Verde

Brava: the smallest island, a botanical paradise, is home to many unique plants that inhabit its misty forests.
– Pico de Fogo: an active volcano on Fogo that creates a unique sight that can be explored on foot or on horseback.

Visas to Cape Verde

– If you come from a country with the Cape Verde embassy, ​​you must purchase a visa in advance (although visitors from the countries where an embassy is allowed to purchase the visa at the airport), otherwise, the visa can be purchased upon arrival.
– The Cape Verde office (Cape Verde Consul) in Liverpool, England provides travel visas for UK and Ireland travelers.
Cape Verde has an embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.
Cape Verde has an embassy in Brussels, Belgium.
Cape Verde has an embassy in Geneva, Switzerland.
Cape Verde has a consulate in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Cape Verde has an embassy in Washington, USA.
– Cape Verde has a consulate in Quincy, MA, USA.
– Cape Verde has a consulate in Moscow, Russia.
Cape Verde has an embassy in Brasilia, Brazil.
Cape Verde has a consulate in Vienna, Austria.
Cape Verde has an embassy in New Delhi, India.

How to get to Cape Verde by flying

There are international airports in Cape Verde in the islands of Sal, Santiago, Boa Vista and Sao Vicente, connected to Europe, Africa and the Americas, not all links are visible to travel booking sites, and it is usually useful to check with the travel agent.

Accessed from Europe

There are regular flights from Amsterdam, Lisbon (daily), Madrid, Milan, Munich, and Porto, and there are twice a week flights from Amsterdam to Sal Island, in addition to that there are flights from Paris (Orly Sud) to Sal and Boa Vista. TAP Portugal flies from Lisbon, as there are cheap flights from Brussels to Sal and Boa Vista, there are also cheap flights from various German cities and Basel to Sal and Boa Vista, and there are several options for travel from the United Kingdom; London, Manchester and Birmingham are all flights Non-stop to Cape Verde.

Accessed from the Americas

There are regular flights from Boston (weekly), Fortaleza (Brazil) (weekly), and starting in June 2015, TACV provided two weekly flights from Providence (PVD) on a 757 (210 seats) to Praia (RAI) on Santiago Island on Tuesday And Friday through June 30, a third weekly flight was added on Wednesday during the peak travel season from July to early September.

Accessed from Africa

West Africa also serves the oldest leading regional airline in Cape Verde, TACV Airlines, and Royal Air Maroc flies from Casablanca.

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