It is a small stone island in Normandy, about a kilometer from the coast of France, and the castle and the church based on it, is the third most tourist attraction in France, in terms of the number of tourists in France after the Eiffel Tower and Versailles Palace.

Saint Michael’s mountain site

– The population of the island in which the mountain is located is only 44 people, and this island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times in the eighth century AD.

Saint-Michel is about 0.6 miles from the northwestern coast of France, at the mouth of the Coisneux Avranche
– The area of ​​the mountain is about 247 acres.
It is one of the most famous monuments in France, and it is on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites, and it is visited by more than 3 million tourists annually.
– When the sea level rises as a result of the tidal movement, it turns into a complete island, and it occurs twice daily in periods when the tides are repeated frequently.

The castle built on Mount Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel Castle is one of the most famous world heritage sites registered in UNESCO since 1979, due to its ancient history and the history of the place in it.
Before the castle was built, there was an old church that dates back to the year 1144 AD, and it was inhabited by hundreds of monks who were detained from the English during the war with France, which is called the Hundred Years War.
Mont Saint-Michel is the opposite of all French castles that were built primarily for defensive purposes, but which were built to be a monastery.
– With the passing of centuries, her job changed more than once, until she stopped completely and became a place to visit
It has become an important tourist attraction in France and attracts four million tourists annually, and no French castle attracts so many tourists.
– This castle appears in the movies, graphics and computer games when referring to France.
The castle was completed in 1521, after several centuries of construction.
With the advent of the seventeenth century, the effect of monasteries and churches on the outskirts of the end of people’s lives in Europe, especially after the French Revolution.
– Mont Saint Michel Castle has turned into a prison, and with the passage of days the condition worsened.
– In 1873, it had its luster again, after making some repairs and repairs.

The developments of the castle of Mont Saint Michel

– The gardens were recently moved off the beach to keep Mont Saint Michel in a private area.
– The island is connected to the mainland by bridge, which is reached by bus from Rennes and Ponturson.
– During the islands process, the sandy mud side appears to be accessible on foot, but tourists are advised not to cross due to the dangers that occur by strong tides.

Saint Michael’s Monastery

– Until you reach it you will have to climb 900 degrees because the monastery is located at the top of the castle, but after this hardship to climb you will look at a wonderful view from the top and this is what encourages tourists to climb.

Entrance prices to Mount Saint Michel

– After becoming one of the most attractive places for tourists in France, because it contains many museums and buildings inside it, and it is open all year round, and the ticket price is 10 dollars.

Means of connectivity for the mountain of St. Michael

The train is one of the best ways to get to the castle of Mont Saint-Michel from Paris to Renes, then take the bus number 15 and in ten minutes you reach the castle.
Visitors enter through a small portal called in French Porte de la Avancee.
– After entering, you can buy a map containing all the places that can be visited in the castle in detail.

Highlights of the castle

Grand Rue Street

It is the only street in the castle with its medieval character.
It is full of a large number of tourist shops that sell souvenirs and gifts, and its sides contain many wonderful restaurants.
After walking on the street, you will find stairs upon climbing it will reach you to the top of the castle that contains the monastery
A visit to the castle of Mont Saint Michel is an interesting visit, given the beauty of the views of the medieval walls, and to see the strength of the fortifications, while enjoying the view of the small village of less than 100 citizens, which contains the streets lined with gardens, museums, shops and hotels. At the base of the old monastery there is a wide range of cafes and restaurants.

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