One of the most important tourist attractions that we will visit and take a fried tour is the Europe Park Salz Burg Tourist Complex, which is preferred to be visited by all arrivals and tourists to the city.

And the picturesque tourist park Europe Park Salz complex is considered one of the most important cultural monuments in the region, because it contains many different goods and products, as it is visited by many tourists only to relax themselves and buy their various requirements, and it is also worth noting that this The luxury tourist complex The Europe Park Salz Burg Commercial Complex opens its doors on time starting from nine o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock in the half on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday, it opens its doors at nine o’clock and Until completely Lighter nine pm, and on Saturday it opens its doors at nine o’clock in the morning and even at six pm each week.

And it is possible to reach this picturesque commercial complex, the Europe Park Salz Burg Tourist Complex, as it can be reached from various cities of Austria, it is located in the heart of the city of Salz Burg, where they are separated by a distance of approximately more than five square kilometers, just as this complex is located in close proximity Also from the tourist city of Zella Messe, which separates this city from the complex, about more than one hundred and twenty two square kilometers, and it is also worth noting that this complex is the Europ Park Park Salz complex located near the tourist city of Munich and a It is also separated by a distance of up to one hundred and forty two K. If almost square meters.

Also, this huge commercial center located on the territory of the tourist city of Salz Burg contains many shops and stores that offer and display many clothing stores of different brands where there are the latest fashion trends in the whole world as it also has a special corner For jewelry stores that display the most important and the latest international collections that are of interest to all lovers of gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones as a whole, it is also worth noting that this place contains many stores for furniture, stationery and libraries also contain many From tar books Different hey which is famous in the whole world all of this, in addition to many stores that offer goods for different electrical appliances that are needed by many residents of the city of Salz Burg continuously, and there are also many restaurants that offer the most delicious international and local cuisine picturesque In addition to international cafes, some of which serve snacks as breakfast.

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