When you decide to visit Prague during the winter, you will be amazed by the Christmas markets that start from early September to January 6.

The city squares are filled with gorgeous Christmas stands that sell motifs, accessories, decorations and souvenirs to tourists.

She is also interested in selling warm food and drinks and offering token prices to everyone, who are attracted to buying more of these delightful things.

Take great photos

You can also take great photos in the beautiful city of Prague alongside the most important and beautiful tourist places.
These are the famous Charles Bridge, public parks, Prague Castle and other places you cannot miss.

Take a tour like no other

Tours continue in Prague until midnight, and these tours are taken by those who like to walk and explore new places.
This tour is driven and takes you to many wonderful areas that are visited by tourists from everywhere in the world.
You can also take a free tour where you can explore places on your own or by using the city map.

Visit some interesting museums

Prague is filled with many unique historical places and museums that we recommend you explore carefully.
Among the most important of these museums are the National Museum and the Apple Museum, which includes more than 450 products from Apple products since 1976 until the present time.

Eat delicious Czech cuisine

If you are a fan of Czech food or want to try it, we advise you to do this exciting experience.
You will find many restaurants in Prague that serve different traditional dishes.

Among the most important of these dishes is the beef dish with creamy vegetable sauce, as well as dumplings with goulash and other other foods.
One of the most delicious types of foods there is hot cabbage soup, which is prepared with spices or cinnamon and nutmeg to warm you up.

Explore the city as a whole

When you explore the charming city of Prague in the winter you will be able to see many magical tourist destinations.
It is a beautiful city with a magical aesthetic that makes tourists decide to spend some nights in them and take river cruises and wonderful daily tours.
You will definitely enjoy your day there, especially with your private tour guide or your friends and relatives who will add to the beauty and joy of the tour.

Enjoy parties and shows

Prague is full of concerts and performances in theaters and churches throughout the year, especially in winter.
You can visit these places and enjoy the amazing music, singing and performances offered by artists from everywhere in the world.

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