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Bandung hotels

The city of Bandung contains many beautiful and distinctive hotels, which provide visitors with a lot of recreational facilities, and you find all levels of service from seven stars and five stars, including what is far from the city and the near ones.

Marbella Falls

Bandung is characterized by the Marbella Waterfalls, which is one of the wonderful waterfalls, which is only half an hour from the Indonesian city, and it approaches the volcanic hills, which is about 25 meters high, and it descends from the volcanic hills.

Tankopan Volcano

Tankona Volcano is a dormant volcano, which is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Indonesia, which is 30 km from the city of Bandung, and the volcano area is characterized by picturesque natural beauty, so it is visited by many tourists.

Bandung Zoo

Bandung Zoo is one of the beautiful tourist places in the city, and it is the most famous in Southeast Asia. It was founded in 1930 and is one of the favorite parks of families from everywhere because of its diverse wild animals such as elephants, bears and rhinoceros.

Wonderland Kampung Gajah

Kampung Gajah Wonderland is one of the beautiful tourist places in Bandung, which is a huge park located in the city, and it has many distinct entertainment facilities that suit adults and children, such as horseback riding, motorbikes, and water games.

Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio is a large games city and is one of the landmarks of Bandung City, as it is one of the largest game cities, and was opened in 2011, and includes many theatrical shows and adventure games.


Cheatre is a sulfur springs area 45 minutes from the city, 45 minutes from the city, and contains many resorts of various levels, and is considered one of the best and largest parks in the city, it contains waterfalls, swimming pools, restaurants and games, it also contains villas for rent, tea plantations, and pineapple farms And tropical fruit plantations.

Strawberry plantations

Strawberry farms are located in an area called Lambang, which is just half an hour from the city center, so tourists can go to it and buy fresh strawberries, and eat fresh juice, which is provided to tourists as a welcome.

Raya Bandung Grand Mosque

The Raya Mosque is one of the places that survived the devastating tsunami in 2004 AD, as it destroyed many of the buildings surrounding it, and it was not damaged, so the mosque is one of the tourist attractions in Bandung, and the Raya Mosque is distinguished by its architecture that mixes the European and Islamic style Decorated with Quranic verses and decorations.

Tea plantation

Tea plantations spread along the road to Buteh Volcano, which is one of the beautiful tourist places in the city of Bandung where many tourists visit it every year. It is one of the beautiful landscapes there, so tourists sit to enjoy a cup of tea and see the landscape in a calm atmosphere.

Kawah Putih Lake

It is one of the beautiful tourist places and is about 50 km away from the south of Bandung, which is the crater of Butte Volcano. What distinguishes this lake from others is its color change with the change of weather, it can be seen in green and at other times it is seen in brown.

Lake Seto Battingan

It is one of the beautiful places in Bandung, which is Lake Venice or Lake Battangang. The lake is located among the tourist attractions in the area of ​​Chibody, and it rises from the sea at a distance of 1600 meters, and it is considered one of the cold areas, and it also surrounds the beautiful green tea plantations, so it has a magical view .

Rancha Opas Park

It is a park for camping and contains extensive protected forests, with a limit of 215 hectares, and is considered a suitable place for camping or to enjoy hot baths, it contains many plants and rare trees, as well as some animals such as birds and deer.

Qimango Hot Springs Resort

The Qimango Resort is one of the beautiful tourist places in the city, as it is a special place for hot springs, which are preferred by many families. It is considered one of the beautiful resorts there, as it is surrounded by a forest of trees that give it a magical view.

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