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The company sells more than 150 types of hand-signal cameras, including traditional designs with the legs of people, men and women in different shoes, socks, and in a range of subjects, and the company sells its products through e-commerce sites Etsy, Amazon, and Fantasy. According to the company, customers mostly buy cameras to present them as interesting and unusual gifts, and they are in great demand in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Australia and South America.

Vita Kane designs

Ukrainian designer Vita Kane has created designs inspired by ancient traditions and techniques, such as embroidered dresses and blouses that are popular now around the world, and her clothes are sold in stores in fashion capitals of the world, such as London, Paris, Milan, Berlin and New York, as well as in other cities in America Northern, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Several fashion designers, bloggers, and celebrities wear clothes by Vita Kane, including lead singer of Florence and the Florence Welsh machine movie, and American comedian Dita von Tess.


Petcube is possibly the most successful IT startup launched by the Ukrainians, and is one of the best mobile apps for British actress Emma Watson, developed by a Ukrainian team now based in the United States, Petcube helps pet owners stay in touch With cats and dogs
When far away, it uses a cube-shaped device that has a camera, laser pointer, and amplifiers, and is controlled via a mobile app, and since its founding in 2012, it has sold more than 100,000 devices in 18 countries.

Kachorovska shoes

Kachorovska Atelier sells ready-made shoes and shoes on demand, and is a long established company that has been established for more than 50 years, and guided by the idea of ​​making high quality shoes, they bring genuine leather and heels from Italy to make elegant and comfortable shoes for both men and women. The products are sold abroad through its website, and the company has received orders from Western Europe, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Constantin Bags

Ukrainian designer Konstantin makes his kofta, his leather bags and backpacks that resemble architectural elements such as columns and natural objects such as stones and parts of the human body and look very realistic, despite being dark and serious, the accessories still look elegant and seem to carry philosophical messages.

Constantin Kofta presented one of his latest collections “Fear” at New York Fashion Week in 2016 with American designer Zam Barry, and his trademark has been admired by the fashion blogger, “Hua Hua Lala,” which is famous for its Gothic black gothic appearance, which sometimes displays Leather accessories from Ukrainian designer on Instagram.

Ohio Blankets

This brand is famous for knitted woolen blankets with very large needles or hand, two years ago the founder of the brand, Anna Marinco, began selling its products through the Etsy e-commerce site, where large blankets gained popularity very quickly, and today Ohio sells blankets through the website Her and attracting fans from all over the world, the brand’s Instagram account now has 247,000 followers.

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