Plane flight

Traveling to Malaysia needs a lot of time on the plane, as it is usually trips at night, so you must bring all the needs of children that they may need during the trip, as it is preferable to wake the child early before the trip so that he sleeps during the travel period.

Children need a variety of entertainment in order not to get bored during the trip, such as some stories and books dedicated to coloring and tablets, in addition to some snacks and wet wipes.
As for infants, they need pureed food, milk bottles, diapers, blankets, pacifiers and wet wipes.

Traveling to Malaysia: How to travel to Malaysia with your children

Sunny and hot weather

The weather in Malaysia is very hot, and this weather will not suit children much, so it is preferable to carry sun creams, hats, umbrellas and soothing creams for the skin.


Insects and mosquitoes are common in Malaysia, and skin products intended for use after insect bites are not available on tourist islands, so they must be obtained before traveling.


Children happen with everything that is not expected, so it is necessary to bring the basic types of medicines such as stomach drugs, high temperature and coughing because they may not be available in tourist places.


Weather-friendly clothing in Malaysia, such as light and light colored cotton clothing, as well as comfortable shoes, must be brought.

the food

Tourist areas covered in forests contain only small stalls that may not have many products, so it is preferable to carry snacks in the bag while on the move.


During the tourism season, the theme parks in Malaysia are very crowded, so it is desirable for the child to wear the custom tracking bracelet so that it is not lost in the crowding.

Contaminated food

Feeding children with street foods should be avoided, as they may be contaminated and never healthy, and the child’s stomach will not tolerate the bacteria contained in them.

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