Jungle Land Park:

One of the most important tourist places in Jeddah that attracts large numbers of internal and external tourists, and is characterized by the African character, and it is equipped with the latest capabilities and equipment, and there is a large circus inside the village where different shows and black shows are presented, and there are many small shops that offer many products At reduced prices.

Aqua park:

Designed for the well-being of the family to enjoy the atmosphere and African decorations that are designed to add a sense of warmth and romance, the park includes an amusement park and water games with an area of ​​30 thousand square meters including 4 swimming pools, and all the huts were imported from black Africa, and the park includes an adapted theater in which comic plays for children are shared with Arab movie stars.

Sail Island:

One of the most beautiful tourist parks located in the city of Jeddah, where it is located in the city of Jadina, which overlooks the Red Sea coast, and contains vast green areas surrounded by a group of tables covered with ceilings of white sails that give the place a wonderful view, which makes it one of the most important amusement parks in Jeddah.

Tourist restaurants in Jeddah for families:

Ginger Leaf:

One of the best family restaurants in Jeddah, located in the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, and it is characterized by complete cleanliness and high-end service by its employees, and it has distinctive and modern décor characterized by a calm atmosphere, and the menus are consistent and distinctive, and it is characterized by fresh food and luxurious Indian spices and a concern for healthy food.

Chicken Republic Restaurant:

European Armenian restaurant specializing in barbecue chicken and Armenian and Arabic dishes, and it features fresh food and distinct flavors, as well as luxurious decoration, and has quiet sessions that give comfort and relaxation in the soul, and there are games for children for their enjoyment, and the restaurant provides sessions for families on the upper floor.

Nino Restaurant:

If you are a fan of italyn cuisine then this restaurant offers you a great experience and a varied menu suitable for vegetarian, you can order roseto, pasta, pizza, and there is a very large menu and a variety of requests and drinks.
The best tourist attractions in Jeddah for families:
Historic Jeddah:

Historic Jeddah includes a number of monuments and monumental buildings, such as the effects of the Jeddah Wall and its historical lanes, including: Al-Mazloum neighborhood, Al-Sham neighborhood, Yemen neighborhood, and Al-Bahr neighborhood. There are also a number of historical mosques, and among the most famous and oldest buildings that exist so far are Dar Al Nasif and Dar Al Jamjoom in the Yemen neighborhood, Dar Al Baeshen, Al Sheikh, Al Qabil, and Al Shafi’i Mosque. The approximate area inside the wall of the city of Jeddah is 1.5 km2, and it still contains touches of traditional life with an old social and economic nature.

King Fahad’s fountain:
This fountain is one of the most beautiful night scenes in the city of Jeddah, located on the western shore of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea, gifted by King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to the city of Jeddah, and its height is 312 meters, and the weight of water driven in the air (at any moment) exceeds 18 tons And the seer can watch it from all over Jeddah.
Jeddah Corniche:

It extends on the coast of the Red Sea by a distance of 130 km, to be a park for the people of Jeddah and its visitors, and they enjoy aesthetic formations in its construction, pavements, and planning, and the magnificent artistic figures that a number of Arab and international artists contributed to sculpting and forming, and adding a number of gardens, children’s playgrounds, and what the private sector has established of restaurants And amusement parks for children.

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