Pushkin Street
Pushkin Street leads to both City Park and October Revolution Park, and is decorated with statues, memorials and thousands of green trees and colorful flowers that hide among them a wide range of elegant restaurants and cafes. The city’s largest street is famous for its crowding and various activities that it offers to tourists, as it is the first place they visit, especially for dining.

Watch over the banks of the Don River
The city offers stunning views of the Don River, which is known as the “barrier” around which night and day come to life. Tourists enjoy walking along the river, sitting in elegant restaurants, watching sculpted statues, dancing fountains and buying souvenirs from some of the shops near it.

Rostov Zoo
Rostov Park is located in the city center to be the ideal destination for children, and is classified as one of the largest zoos in Russia, and includes a large group of animals including giraffes, camels, polar bears, hawks, tigers and various types of reptiles and fish.

Maxim Gorky Academic Theater
The stage of this great theater witnessed the most beautiful drama and comedy plays and concerts in the Rostov region, the theater is located on the eastern end of Balchia Sadovaya Street on the first stage square, opposite the memorial known as Stella, Maxim Gorky Theater receives visitors throughout the year even in the summer when All other locations are closed.

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