In the next article, we show you recreational activities, Mirdif City Center Dubai, and Mirdif City Center is one of the most prominent commercial shopping centers in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and this center is not limited to shopping activities only, but there are many facilities that allow visitors to carry out various activities And various sports, it is worth noting that the center contains more than 400 shops, and about 80 restaurants, in addition to an area specially designed for children’s games. There is also a large cinema hall in addition to a lot of international brands, and in the following lines we show you From vinegar The Arab Travelers website is the most prominent activities that you can do in Mirdif City Center Dubai.

Recreational activities Mirdif City Center

Ie, flydubai

This place is specially designed for people who like to enter adventures, so the place gives an experience similar to the experience of parachuting from the plane, but in a small room, then people enter that room, then the fan in it produces a large amount of air that may reach one hundred miles per hour One, so that people feel as if they are flying in the air, and that speed is determined based on the experience of the people in the game, and if that was your first experience, the air speed will be determined by a hundred miles per hour, and if you are an expert in that game, the speed may sometimes reach one hundred and sixty Miles per hour, and it works The place provides the people with safety methods that prevent their injury when playing, such as a helmet to protect the head and glasses to protect the eyes, and the place also provides specialized trainers to teach people the rules of the game when trying it for the first time, in order to get a unique experience.

  • Age allowed to enter: Adults and children from three years of age are allowed with companions.

Young explorers

Your children can enjoy a unique experience in the area of ​​young explorers, by entering into an adventure that makes them learn a lot of things and explore them, and the place aims to teach children different sciences in the style of entertainment games, and parents can also benefit from that experience by learning to enhance thinking skills The creativity of their children, the place is designed in such a way that makes it safe for young people at the time of play.

  • Age allowed to enter: Children from the beginning of the age of two years.

Magic Planet

This place is one of the best entertainment places where you can spend time with the family, as it has been placed in the list of the 10 best places for leisure activities in Dubai, it contains various games such as video games, in addition to activities that suit young children such as rotating horses, climbing walls, There is also a region in Magic Planet “Soft Play Area”, a region specially designed to be safe for young children.

  • Age allowed to enter: In the “Soft Play Area” area, children from 1 to 12 years old enter.
  • In the rest of the region it is possible to enter any age group.
  • entrance fees: The value of one entry ticket is 40 AED.

Fox Cinema

Fox Films Showroom is located on the first floor of the center, and it is a very large hall that contains twenty huge screens, and what distinguishes it is the 4D movies, so viewers feel that they are inside the movie while seeing it, and there are some technologies that stimulate the sense of smell and touch. For example, if viewers see in the movie a scene of war or fire, they feel a movement in their seats that they are inside that spear, and how much the smell of gunpowder explodes in the place.

Yalla Bowling

In the mall there is a huge and real bowling alley, and not just a simulated bowling parlor, people go out to play in very long lanes, and there are a lot of other games like video games and billiards in the place.

  • Ticket price: The admission ticket is AED 30 per person on normal days.
  • It is AED 35 on weekends.

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