The luxurious restaurants that we will list in our article provide a distinctive service to its customers by providing the finest types of food that are characterized by unique flavors, where the restaurants compete in creating exceptional dishes that attract its pioneers from all over the world.

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Among the most luxurious and most expensive restaurants in the world is the “SUBLIMOTION” restaurant in the city of Ibiza, Spain, which offers its customers the finest types of food, and allows him to choose from 20 types of appetizers that are included in the menu.
This restaurant is run by two-star Michelin chef Paco Ronso, and the restaurant won the Best Food and Beverage Award in 2014, and the cost per person in the restaurant is $ 1,750.

And if your destination is to travel to France, you should try the legendary restaurant “MAISON PIC” in the city of Drome. This restaurant features a delicious menu, including deer and white sea Rogan, as you will be on a date with a delicious dessert of chocolate.
The cost per person in the restaurant is $ 375, compared to eating from the hands of Chef Ann Sophie Beck, one of the few female chefs who have the ability to manage a three-star kitchen.

Moving to New York, Percy is one of the most famous restaurants there, which is run by Chef Thomas Keeler, and offers his customers a tasting menu consisting of 9 different dishes.
The dishes of the restaurant are distinguished in the classic French style, through the use of the finest ingredients to prepare the most delicious meals. The cost of the meal is approximately $ 328.

If you want to dine among fish under the sea, “Ithaa” offers you a unique experience in the Maldives, where you will eat your meal amid the coral and fish that swim around the restaurant from the outside.

The restaurant takes the form of a huge glass tube providing its customers with a stunning view of the water to eat for a minimum of $ 320, while the restaurant can accommodate only 14 individuals.

And if you love French food, then you may find what you are looking for in the “Alain Ducasse” restaurant in London, which serves delicious dishes and fine cuisine.
The restaurant gives you a distinctive dining experience in very elegant and luxurious seats surrounded by huge silver snails, and the restaurant is decorated with crystal pieces hanging from the ceiling.
The French restaurant offers its customers a 7-course meal, which costs between $ 170 and $ 220, and is run by the famous chef Alain Ducasse.

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