The museum is divided into four floors, each of which tells a certain stage to measure the time from the universe and galaxies to the hour of Mecca, adjacent to the Holy Mosque of Mecca.

Clock Tower Museum in Makkah

In an exceptional experience, the museum provides its visitors with a panoramic view from the highest point in Makkah Al-Mukarramah on the Great Mosque of Mecca, which represents the destination of Muslim prayer and the timing of the Islamic world.
Throughout the month of Ramadan, visitors to the museum learn about the means that people used to use in the past to measure time through the sun and moon, up to nanoseconds, which are considered the most accurate time standards.
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Faithic cosmic journey in the Clock Tower Museum

Visitors to the museum will also experience a unique experience by watching the marvel of the world’s largest watch industry and its fine details in each piece of it, in addition to learning about the mechanism of work of this watch.
This museum highlights the contributions of Muslims in identifying the secrets of the universe, and the Kingdom’s role in space science from the era of King Abdul Aziz to the era of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.
The museum’s first floor presents the story of the creation of the Mecca Clock, which is a reference for Muslims around the world, and an explanation of its characteristics and modern techniques used to determine the time with great accuracy, making Makkah time a world time accurate.

As for the second round, it reviews methods of measuring time that humans have followed throughout history, which include water clocks, pendulums and pocket watches, in addition to an explanation of how time is determined by the movement of the sun and moon.

The museum flattens its visitors on a cosmic journey around the sun, moon, and earth to get to know them closely, as well as explain many things related to them, such as the eclipse, eclipses, and solar storms.
The fourth floor is concerned with the vast space, as it provides information to its visitors about stars, galaxies and planets, in addition to learning about the astronomical phenomena in the universe.

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